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The global video game market has grown over the past years. Statistics show that by 2023, the market value will surpass $200 billion. The industry has tons of opportunities for aspiring video game creators. Video game development involves detailed research, organization, and attention to detail. Here are some key steps you should follow to create a popular game.

1. Select a Concept

There are different video game genres and subgenres. You need to explore different categories and choose a concept that will work for your audience. Brainstorm and pick the best concept and develop a video game based on the idea. Ensure that you pick the idea with the highest potential for success–for the video game to succeed in the marketplace. In addition, the video game idea should be unique so it can compete with other video games.

2. Gather Information

Before creating your game, you need to do your research. Whether your video game is simple or complex, you need to have all the information that will help you develop an excellent game. You can use this information to create a game design document that outlines the marketing strategy, game mechanics, and overall plan. Also, conduct customer surveys and get feedback from your target audience about the types of video games they want.

3. Gather Funding

Once you have done your research, you need to start building your game. You’ll need to choose the game engine and the best programming language for your video game. Whether your game is a small mobile game or heavily dependent on hardware, you may need finances to execute the development process. You might also need to hire a team of programmers to help you script the code.

If you are an aspiring video game creator, you might not have enough cash to cover all the development costs. Instead of taking the traditional route and borrowing money from your bank, you can seek alternative financing. You can apply for cash title loans and use your vehicle as collateral. These short-term loans come in handy if you need to cover the development and marketing costs.

4. Test Your Game

Before releasing the game to the public, you need to test it to confirm it’s working perfectly. You can test it yourself or hire quality assurance (QA) testers to confirm that the video game works well from a technical standpoint. Working with a QA team is a good move because they can identify crashes, bugs, and recommend changes to prevent glitches.

5. Market the Video Game

Statistics show that there are more than 2.5 billion gamers worldwide. To capture this audience, you have to market your video game. Create a website and promote the game on your social media platforms. You can also offer discounted copies before the official launch to let more people know about it. A well-defined marketing strategy will advertise your video game to a wider market.

Video games are popular among all demographics. But for your video game to succeed, you need to have a proper strategy. These tips will help you build a popular video game.