Near Protocol, Fantom and Dogeliens; Top 3 Crypto Buys For July 2022


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Smart DeFi project creators are looking to launch new solutions that can help retail players in getting better access to lending tools. Dogelines (DOGET) is a new project that seeks to provide better and more secure features for the DeFi industry. Along with Fantom (FTM) and Near Protocol (NEAR), it could help in potentially delivering huge gains in the future. It is always a good idea to research the asset carefully before making an investment decision. Read on to find out about the major utilities of these three coins.


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Dogeliens: The Pup-pet Master of Decentralized Finance

The Dogeliens Token has come to join other popular meme coins and emerge as a better solution for the DeFi sector. The Dogeliens platform will offer resources to develop a community that serves others.

This meme coin based platform will provide a charity wallet along with a democratic voting system. All the DOGET token holders will collectively pick a charity to donate their funds and help needy people.

This platform also aims to take over the metaverse empire. It aims to establish a community of loyal users, who will help in the growth of its token. This platform will enter the metaverse space to offer better games and educational content, and introduce charity and sharing concepts.

Dogeliens will operate as a DeFi and investors will get the staking facility. They can stake and earn more native coins.

Its native token has been designed to be a new P2P cryptocurrency for easy sharing and trading. Users will be able to swap it on any BSC based exchange. There will be an abundant supply of the token to maintain its position among the top cryptos.

Users will also be able to access digital assets and trade them in the form of NFTs on the native marketplace. The play-to-earn gaming ecosystem supported by Dogeliens will feature solo and multiplayer games. Users will be able to customize their avatars and also trade merchandise harvested inside the games. The Battle Zone feature will allow users to test their skills playing games either solo, duos, trios, or in squads. Players will be able to earn DOGET Tokens inside the game.

The DOGET Token will be made available for purchase on presale at attractive prices and could potentially witness a price rise after listing on mainstream exchanges.


Fantom offers better transaction speed at lower costs

Fantom is a new blockchain network introduced to emerge as a better alternative to Ethereum. It uses a directed acyclic graph blockchain to offer faster transaction speed while keeping the cost low. Many users swap tokens frequently and paying expensive transaction fees is not a feasible solution for them. Therefore, every cryptocurrency user seeks a better alternative to Ethereum. Fantom is finally providing that solution. It is a smart contract-compatible blockchain. The FTM token assures network security and users need it for transactions. The FTM Token is a highly undervalued cryptocurrency that could surprise many seasoned investors in the long term.

Near Protocol is a Layer-1 blockchain that utilizes Nightshade for more scalability

The Near Protocol blockchain has been around since 2020. It works more like a decentralized cloud infrastructure. Decentralized application (dApp) developers can use it to host new apps. Near Protocol promotes cross-chain interoperability to eliminate intermediaries. It facilitates instant swapping of tokens and quick transfer of data between distinct networks. It is a scalable blockchain and transaction costs are pretty low on this network. Near Protocol’s “NEAR” token makes cross-chain transactions pretty simple. Users need it to pay transaction fees and access other features of the platform. The NEAR ecosystem has been adopted by many artists in the music industry who are launching their events and concerts on the metaverse powered by this powerful network. Since it has seen a lot of adoption in a short span of time, the NEAR Token could potentially register a series of price spikes in the future.

If you are wondering which cryptocurrency to buy now but are confused because of the many tokens available in the market, check out the three coins described above. All three tokens have great utilities and could potentially deliver handsome gains in the future. Dogeliens is a small cap and new token which could potentially witness a greater price rise after its listing.

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