Ultimate Pokémon Go Walking Hacks You Need to Know

Pokemon GO Best way to catch Mew and Mewtwo

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To catch Pokémon and visit PokéStops in the widely beloved game Pokémon Go, players typically need to venture outside and explore their surroundings. While many of us love immersing ourselves in the game, the idea of stepping out might not always be appealing. We often prefer the comfort and convenience of playing from home.

But can you enjoy Pokémon Go without leaving your house? Absolutely! Here are some of the topPokémon Go walking hacks that allow you to play the game right from the comfort of your home. With these clever tips and tricks, you can keep catching ’em all without changing your location.

Whether it’s simulating movement, utilizing specific in-game features, or leveraging technology to your advantage, these methods will keep you engaged and progressing in Pokémon Go without needing to move an inch.

Part 1: How Does Pokemon Go GPS Work?

Pokémon Go – for those not entirely familiar with how the game works – is based on the popular Gameboy series of games. Instead of assuming the role of a character in a fictional setting, you now control an avatar in an augmented reality (AR) version of your surroundings. The app uses your GPS to join actual places, and Pokémon will appear in various locations.

Pokémon Go also uses your smartphone’s camera, allowing Pokémon to appear in real life by overlaying a picture of one of the game’s famous monsters against the background. It’s a smart concept that heightens the enjoyment. After all, what Pokémon fan hasn’t dreamt of trying to catch wild Pokémon in their office?

What makes the game so popular, apart from its wide fanbase, is the shared and notable technology. Pokémon Go is one of the first apps to offer affordable AR technology. This innovative technology is at the forefront of the next step in the digital revolution.

The app’s creator, Niantic has built a fun, thrilling, and technically remarkable game. It helps that it’s making them a ton of money. However, the version of AR in Pokémon Go is somewhat original. Both Sony and Microsoft’s brands (PlayStation and Xbox) will be releasing virtual reality (VR) consoles later this year, which will surely push the technology forward.

As is, everyone is in on the obsession, and people are pursuing Pokémon like it’s 2001 again. But if anything, what Pokémon Go has done best is give us an insight into the future of technology, making us all excited about what will be in place five or ten years from now.

To those who might see it as a tedious scavenger hunt for cartoon monsters, played by a disillusioned generation (millennials) suffering from nostalgia, arrested development, or a combination of both, it may even appear to be a fad. But the tech behind it isn’t: augmented reality is almost here. And while the best we have right now may be a glitchy version of an electric yellow mouse from a ’90s cartoon, it’s a step into the future.

For those who prefer to play without leaving the comfort of their homes, several Pokémon Go walking hacks can enhance your experience. Using an iPhone location changer like Wondershare Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS/Android), you can simulate movement and catch Pokémon without stepping outside.

Tools like a fake GPS location for iPhone or a location spoofer can help you change your location effortlessly, allowing you to enjoy the game while remaining stationary. With these hacks, you can continue your Pokémon adventure without moving an inch.

Part 2: The Best 3 Pokemon Go Walking Hack

Now that we deeply understand how Pokémon Go’s GPS mechanics work, it’s time to explore different methods to enhance your gameplay without leaving your home. Here are the best three Pokémon Go walking hacks:

Method 1: Dr.Fone

Struggling to figure out how to navigate Pokémon Go without physically moving? Say no more! We’ve got the perfect solution for all you Pokémon trainers out there: Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (available for both iOS and Android).

With this trusty GPS location spoofer by your side, you’ll effortlessly roam around undetected. Plus, it’s equipped with features to adjust your speed, ensuring you blend in seamlessly with the game’s mechanics.

Dr.Fone Virtual Location boasts fake GPS location on iPhone and has a myriad of features tailor-made for Pokémon Go enthusiasts:

Step 1: Launch the Dr.Fone application and select the Virtual Location feature. Connect your iPhone to the software and agree to the terms of use.

drfone interface

Step 2: On the following screen, you’ll encounter a map with a search box at the top. Simply type in your desired location in the search bar and click to adjust the pin.

enter location

Step 3: Once you’ve pinned your chosen location, hit the “Move Here” button to finalize your virtual whereabouts. Now, launch Pokémon Go on your iPhone, and voilà! It will detect the location specified through Dr.Fone – Virtual Location.

confirm location

Now, you’re all set to immerse yourself in the world of Pokémon Go without any pesky restrictions holding you back. Happy hunting!

Method 2: Using Multiple Accounts

You may be wondering if you can have two Pokémon Go accounts. Technically, everyone can create multiple accounts. However, the developer of Pokémon Go, Niantic, has strict terms about using multiple accounts. They consider it cheating, which can lead to account suspension. However, you can use one account on multiple devices for your convenience.

Using multiple Pokémon Go accounts offers several advantages:

  • Find More Pokémon

Playing with multiple accounts increases your chances of catching more Pokémon. This can help you level up faster, especially in areas with abundant rare Pokémon. Switching between accounts lets you capture more rare Pokémon.

  • For Trade

Many players use multiple accounts for in-game trading. With multiple accounts, you can trade without needing a nearby friend. This allows you to send gifts, trade Pokémon, win more candies, and level up your profile efficiently.

  • For Raids and Battles

Pokémon Go allows you to participate in battles and raids with friends to earn rare and powerful Pokémon. If you don’t have friends available, multiple accounts can enhance your gaming experience. You can join battles with multiple accounts and earn exclusive rewards.

While Niantic prohibits the use of multiple accounts, you can still use these tricks to manage multiple accounts:

  • Sign Up With Different Emails

Pokémon Go allows you to sign up using an email address. To create another account, simply use a different email.

  • Purchase Accounts

One of the quickest ways to get another Pokémon Go account is by purchasing one from another player. You can ask friends or check Facebook groups. Additionally, you can buy accounts on platforms like Amazon, though prices may vary.

  • Using Clone Apps

Clone apps available on the PlayStore can allow you to run multiple Pokémon Go accounts on the same device. By downloading a clone app, you can manage several accounts simultaneously.

  • Pokémon Go Trainer Club

You can create multiple accounts via the Pokémon Trainer Club in your browser. Each new account requires a different email address.

Method 3: Through Changing Phone Time

Certain research tasks for the Celebi “A Ripple In Time” quest can feel laborious and repetitive, such as spinning Pokéstops for seven days and catching Pokémon for three consecutive days. These tasks can delay your progress toward obtaining the legendary Celebi.

To speed up the process, other than the location spoofer, some players change the time zone on their phones to jump ahead a few days. While this method can effectively cheat the game and help you complete tasks faster, it’s not always recommended. Many of your phone’s built-in functions rely on the correct time zone, and changing it can cause issues.

However, if used correctly, adjusting your time zone can help you finish the tasks more quickly and claim your Celebi sooner than expected.


In summary, Pokémon Go has captured the hearts of players worldwide with its innovative gameplay that blends augmented reality with real-world exploration. However, not everyone can venture outside to catch Pokémon or visit PokéStops. That’s where Pokémon Go walking hacks come into play, allowing players to enjoy the game from the comfort of their homes.

Among these hacks, Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS/Android) stands out as a top choice for iOS and Android users. With its advanced features, including GPS location spoofing, adjustable speeds, and joystick control, Dr.Fone offers a seamless experience for Pokémon Go enthusiasts.

By simulating movement and changing locations effortlessly, players can explore new areas, catch rare Pokémon, and hatch eggs without leaving their homes.

So why wait? Elevate your Pokémon Go experience today with Dr.Fone – Virtual Location and embark on your virtual journey to become a Pokémon Master!

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