Where To Buy Lost Ark Gold Safely? A Complete Guide

Sponsored ArticleFrom the renowned South-Korean game developer, Smilegate, comes the brand-new game called Lost Ark. Initially, released only on Korean, Russian, and Japanese servers, Lost Ark has been gaining steady affluence as well as praise in the industry of action role-playing games. In the contemporary, with its release in Europe and the United States, Lost Ark is no longer lost— it has been found! Welcome to the riveting and immersive isometric world of Arkesia that has once again fallen in the clutches of the nefarious demonic legions. Now, with over a million active players, Lost Ark might just be the new revolutionary game that’ll set new standards for what a 2.5D isometric ARPG should be like— possibly leaving behind Diablo, Path of Exile, and other similar genre games of immense popularity. Behind its sight for sore eyes character designs, enthralling visual effects of AOE spells and slashes, and its serene landscapes lies Lost Ark’s intensely rich content– both low level and of high level.

Therefore, the cardinal purpose of this article is to enlighten you in the way of acquiring the luxury that will fasten your progression, your dominance, and your stats in the world of Arkesia. Like any other ARPG, Lost Ark’s world is composed of infinite wealth for you to plunder. The common most being silver, but what about gold? Surely, it is more valuable than silver but what does it offer you in-game, why does acquiring it involve a lot of grind, and why should you be chasing it so eagerly? Sit back and enjoy this easy-to-understand article as we break down the uses of the gold in Lost Ark, its value in contrast with other currencies of the game, and the ultimate solution to your dilemma of, “Where To Buy Lost Ark Gold Safely?”

The Currencies of Arkesia

As mentioned above, Lost Ark has more than four currencies which are more than your average number of currencies in an action roleplaying game. However, even though it might come off as perplexing at first, each currency serves its purpose uniquely and straightforwardly.

For example, silver. Hoarding silver will be amongst the easiest things to do in Lost Ark. This is due to its high drop rate whenever you complete quest objectives, slay waves of enemies, or when deciding to sell items to vendors because they are no longer of any use to you. But coming onto harder to come by currencies in the game.

Royal Crystals is the only in-game currency that Is non-obtainable from the content offered. It can only be bought with real-life money and is used to buy items such as crystal packages and cosmetics etc. Then we have crystals. The most alluring of all currencies because crystals will help you in purchasing in-game items that yield great benefits. You can earn these precious crystals by completing certain (not all) quests, receiving achievements, and exchanging your gold via the in-game currency exchange. Fathoming the essence of gold now a little?

Then below crystals, we finally have gold. But before we list the necessity of buying gold in Lost Ark, you now know that gold in Lost Ark has a two-way street kick to it. Yes, it enables a player to buy goods that can be bought with gold only, but it can also be exchanged for a higher currency, that is crystals. To find out more about currencies, head over to lostark.wiki.fextralife.com/Currencies

Uses of Gold in Lost Ark

Gold is shared widely between the players of the game and is a vital part of the in-game marketplace, including the auction house where you can bid for pets, enchanting materials, various consumables, mounts, etc.

But the central use of gold in Lost Ark comes at the late game— this is when you hit the level Cap 50. After level 50, Smilegate has a lot in store for you, leaving no room for feeling famished in terms of content. This is obviously good news because it opens more gateways for earning gold. This includes Chaos dungeons, Abyss dungeons, Guardian raids, Procyon’s compass, Adventure Islands, and the good old PVP. Simultaneously, the need for greater gold will also amplify. In the late game, anything that does not require silver for purchase will demand gold instead. Beyond that, if we look into crafting, base-level crafting requires silver; however, at higher levels, you’ll have to use gold to pay the fee of crafting.

With the use of gold in Lost Ark now stated, we now arrive at the crucial checkpoint of this article which is where to buy Lost Ark gold?

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