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What is Lost Ark gold?

Lost Ark gold is the currency used in the 3D massively-multiplayer online action role-playing game Lost Ark, letting you buy everything you want in-game and never losing its value. The more you have it, the better. Thus players are seeking guides on how to farm/earn it. Here we share this comprehensive guide so you can have a really quick look at Lost Ark gold.

Let’s jump into the very question you are interested in first:

What are the best methods to get lost ark gold?

  1. If you have enough time, do daily quests and PVE activities. Here’s a tip: since one character to do all these work to farm gold is quite limited, you will need to create more Alts to do the same and save all the gold for your main.
  2. You need to do some research work on the market so you can buy and sell, yes, to trade with players.
  3. Upgrade your gear and items to earn more gold—with the development of your character, you will get more and more rewards.
  4. Always try weekly gold dungeons and secret maps/island events. These will give you more rewards than other PVE activities.

You might have many other ways in-game to help you earn gold, but now you can almost find out by doing all these, a lot of time and energy is needed as I have told you at the very beginning. If you have a routine job and other affairs that don’t allow you to spend that much time on gaming, is there any other easier way to get lost ark gold fast? The answer is definitely yes and it’s to buy lost ark gold.

I’m not telling you to buy lost ark gold from a random guy spamming in-game or whisper to you in-game that he has a bunch of gold to sell for an unbelievably cheap price—you are very likely to be scammed in that case. So, where to buy lost ark gold?

There are many third-party sites selling gold with years of experience. You can google it and there are many sites that pop out. Those ranks first are surely trustworthy because they either paid large ads fees or spend much energy building their sites. The only problem is, how to choose one with a fair price and good service.

How to find the best place to buy Lost Ark gold?

You will need to compare their prices if you are new to these sites. But the truth is, some are cheaper and some dearer, in this case, service is the next you need to compare. Try to find out if they have 24/7 live chat and can reply instantly with real people talking to you. Check the reviews on review sites such as Trustpilot and Sitejabber to find out real reviews from their customers. And at last, you can make a small order to test their service, during which process, you can find out the payment methods you can choose—only a small part of those sites can accept PayPal.

Get Your Lost Ark gold safely

Based on all these investigations, here we have found SSEGold is the perfect place to buy Lost Ark gold. It is a team with about 16 years of experience in selling game gold—Their site is easy to guide. Their price is rather fair. Their 24/7 live support replies quickly with real people answering your questions. They even have an aftersales team ready to deal with all your issues. By checking their Trustpilot review, they have a high score of 4.7 stars and deal with every bad review, showing they care about their clients and doing real business. And they are among the very few sites that provide PayPal. And you know what? They have this refund policy that you can require a full refund whenever before the delivery.

To sum up, earning gold in Lost Ark can be easy if you’ve got the time and energy and diving into all the quests and dungeons, it lets you know more about the game and its mechanics. But on the other side, it can be kinda boring to do the quest again and again and really time-consuming. In this case, buying lost ark gold would be a better choice. By only spending a few bucks, you have the gold immediately and you can buy the items and weapons freely. And we strongly recommend SSEGold.com as your first choice to buy lost ark gold. You won’t be regretted.