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The realm of World of Warcraft Classic series continues to expand. Now, with the announcement of Wrath of the Lich King Classic, heroes of Azeroth will forfeit the storyline of Wow Burning Crusade Classic and embark on an even more arduous journey that includes the nefarious Lich King and his bulk of undead forces in the icy continent of Northrend. Wrath of the Lich King was and still is the most cherished memorable expansion of World of Warcraft according to the diehard fanbase of Blizzard Entertainment. Embrace yourselves, as the developers of World of Warcraft once again bring forth a new nostalgia packed Classic expansion in all of its glory concurrently with community-favoured in-game changes to elevate the original gameplay. Face head-on, the unrelenting undead scourge that will inevitably take you to the final boss, Arthas, the Lich King— throned highly on the top of Icecrown Citadel. However, like any other World of Warcraft expansion, to relish all the luxuries of Azeroth and to feel the might of the finest mounts, gear, and weaponry, you need gold— lots and lots of gold. This article has been carefully articulated to enlighten you about all the important aspects of the game that require gold. Lastly, it’ll direct you towards the securest path for acquiring safe World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King Classic gold (free from suspension risks) that’ll unimpeachably answer your question, “Where to buy Wow Classic WOTLK gold safely?” If you want to skip straight to the gold-buying part of the article, you may scroll down and ignore the “What Can We Use Wow WOTLK Classic Gold For?” part of the article.

What Can We Use Wow WOTLK Classic Gold For?

The fun behind completing hardcore quests, adrenaline-driven raids, and dungeons is unimpeachable when it comes to amassing gold— the currency around which the entire marketplace of World of Warcraft dwells. However, why do we gather gold? What is it about gold that allures all the mages, warriors, paladins and especially rogues to venture out and obtain it? You see, being the premier currency of World of Warcraft, gold is what fuels the economy of Azeroth and with that, you can imagine that everything demands gold. The most conventional way of earning gold is to complete countless quests to save up. You can also sell unwanted/crafted items in the auction house or to different vendors spread across the map. The question, however, remains: what can we use Wow WOTLK Classic gold for?

Buying Weapons and Gear with Wow WOTLK Classic Gold

The lust for being the strongest and fiercest mage, paladin, warrior, warlock, rogue, or hunter never quenches. Throughout the game, players will feel compelled and cajoled toward attaining the finest weapons and gears to stand out from the crowd of sheep. World of Warcraft is known for its addicting and exhilarating player vs player and player vs environment modes. As a player, you would want your character to have the best stats in terms of durability, damage per second, and so on. And this goes for both PVP and PVE. Whether you are battling out an opposing faction opponent or going raiding with guild members. Yes, questing will pave a way for many awesome drops of weapons and gear whereas some will also award you with high rarity items; nevertheless, the finest weaponry and gear in World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King Classic is extremely hard to come by. Therefore, as a plan B, players resort to auction houses where players before them are usually selling these items at a ridiculously high gold rate. Hence, if you want to maintain dominance by equipping yourself with the finest gear and weaponry the forges of Azeroth have to offer, you will need heaps of gold to make such purchases.

Levelling up Profession, Riding Skills, and other Skills with Gold in Wow WOTLK Classic

All World of Warcraft veterans recommends prioritizing one or two professions as you level up in the game by doing quests and other XP giving activities. Professions enable players to craft invaluable items without having to buy them from merchants and auction houses. For example, the alchemy profession trains your avatar in becoming a proficient brewer of potions/elixirs. Most of these items carry great value in marketplaces and can be sold to players at a decent profit either by trading or putting them up for an auction. The same goes for the Enchanting profession. If you hone your skills in enchanting, it can provide a stable income of gold. You will be able to enchant bracers, rings, weapons, and so on.

To learn newer levels ups/skills in professions, providing gold will be a prerequisite to provide to trainers. A major example of this is the riding skill. In World of Warcraft, you cannot ride mounts unless you learn the riding skill which as discussed, costs gold. The same goes for the above examples of professions. Later, they help you make gold but prior to that, you need to be willing to spend gold in order to master them.

Buying Epic Mounts with Wow WOTLK Classic Gold

Learning the riding skill requires a gold fee and subsequently, buying a mount will also cost you gold. Even if you are not a big fan of travelling companions, World of Warcraft will make them irresistible to ignore, both in terms of use and aesthetics. Epic mounts (grounded and flying) are swift in covering long distances. In the long run, high tier mounts are essential if you plan on saving road time and getting straight into quest action as quickly as possible. You might also feel inclined to show off your mount collection to other players, but such a boast requires wealth in the shape of gold coins.

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My son. The day you were born, the very forests of Lordaeron whispered the name, Arthas. My child. I watched you with pride, as you grew into a weapon.