Aaron Donald’s Luxury Lifestyle

Aaron Donald

Defensive tackle for the Los Angeles Rams, Aaron Donald has enjoyed a long career at the top of his game. He entered the new NFL season at the age of 32 and, while he is just starting to close in on retirement, he should be ready for a few more years at the top.

Like all star NFL players, Donald attracts significant income, both from his NFL franchise and from external endorsements. Here is a roundup of his career, along with details of a net worth that leads to a luxury lifestyle.

Career Highlights

Aaron Donald played his college football for the Pittsburgh Panthers, and he graduated to the NFL in 2014. The defensive player has been with the Rams for the whole of his career, after coming through the NFL draft.

The big highlight of his career came in 2021 when the LA Rams defeated the Cincinnati Bengals by 23 points to 20. Donald has also been named as the defensive player of the year on three occasions, and he’s made seven all-pro teams.

While Rams fans wait for a repeat of that 2021 success, their team remains a competitive one. Super Bowl odds tend to place the Rams among the favorites in Super Bowl odds markets, and they will always play entertaining and attacking football.

Another Super Bowl ring would definitely add to Aaron Donald’s income, but the numbers are already impressive.

Salary and Net Worth

According to sources, Aaron Donald has an annual salary of $26 million per year. In addition, the player works to endorse many companies, including Nike, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Pepsi, Pizza Hut and EA Sports.

All of this adds up to a net worth that has been reported at around the $60 million mark. Those numbers may be lower than some of the top earners in the NFL. Quarterbacks will always earn the most significant salaries as these are the men with the biggest influences on each game.

Donald’s numbers compare more favorably with the defenders in the League, and they are significant. The question is, just what does he spend that money on?

The Donald Residence

Top athletes like to spend big when it comes to their main residence. Many will also look to buy additional properties for investment purposes or for second homes when they travel around the world.

In the case of Aaron Donald, the Rams man has spent big on a $17.1 million mansion in Hidden Hills. This represents a significant upgrade from his previous residence in Calabasas, which was sold for $6.3 million.

Donald’s Hidden Hills home is equipped with eight bedrooms and nine bathrooms, and the entire property is situated within 1.8 acres of land. If Aaron Donald ever gets lonely in his sprawling mansion, all he has to do is take a short trip outside where teammates Sean McVay and Matthew Stafford are among his near neighbors.

Getting Around

Many top athletes love to spend money on their cars, and Aaron Donald is no exception. The LA Rams stalwart has built up an impressive collection, which includes a Ford Bronco, a Lamborghini Urus, a Bentley Continental GT and a Fisker Karma.

Donald’s range focuses on luxury SUVs and premium sports cars, which is a classic mix among many of his NFL contemporaries. Of those models, the Fisker Karma is the rarest in his collection and anyone looking to purchase one will need a seven-figure outlay.

Aaron Donald doesn’t tend to prefer one vehicle over another, but he has been spotted several times in his Ford Bronco, which is a workmanlike car for many situations.

Planning Ahead

Aaron Donald may enjoy spending money, but he’s also made a number of shrewd investments. A report from 2019, confirmed that he was among a list of fellow athletes who had backed the startup company Ready Nutrition.

Other investments may not have been made public, but there is a strong chance that Donald has given financial backing to other companies. In doing so, he’s laying a foundation for what happens once his playing days are at an end.

What Does the Future Hold?

When any NFL player retires from the game, their annual income will take a dip, but most will already be set for life. Multi-million dollar salaries, together with further revenue from endorsements mean that the men at the top may never need to work again.

There will always be options for those who want to stay involved with football. For a player of Aaron Donald’s quality, there will be coaching possibilities, together with potential work as a TV analyst.

At the age of 32, Aaron Donald can continue playing for a few more years, and his salary figures will remain steady during that time. These are impressive numbers, and this talented player clearly enjoys the luxury lifestyle.

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