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Squad Building Challenges (SBC) is a FIFA Ultimate Team game mode that consists of a series of objectives that will put your squad-building skills to the test in exchange for fantastic rewards.

When you complete an SB challenge, you will be rewarded with a better player card, a special kit, packs, or other goods. The main purpose of these challenges is for you to form a specific team in which you must comply with various guidelines depending on the challenge.


Squad Building Challenges may be found in the PLAY-SQUAD BUILDING CHALLENGES menu. They are divided into tabs such as Live, Players, Leagues, etc. All of them can be found under the ALL tab.

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To play and finish an SBC, you must first choose one by clicking on it. When you move over an SBC, the SBC’s rewards will appear. The reward panel can be expanded or collapsed as desired.

Finish Tasks And Challenges

An SBC might be a single task or a collection of challenges. If the SBC simply has one challenge, you can get right in and begin working on it. If the SBC is a group SBC, you must complete each requirement individually or, if possible, simultaneously.

You can start from the beginning and manually select and position the cards however you please. To solve the SBC, you must first give consideration to the Challenge Requirements, whether you choose to rebuild from scratch or use Squad Creator. Only when all of the prerequisites have been met can an SBC be completed.

Build Your Squad

The prerequisites will appear on the left-hand side of the screen if you choose Squad Builder. You may change the settings to ensure that your team meets. After you’ve automatically formed your squad, you’ll very probably have to tweak it to make it more optimal. I suggest you always go for the cheapest possible lineup.

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Oh, and the prerequisites are initially color red and will turn green once the requirement is met. This game’s squad editor is similar to that FIFA Ultimate Team’s Squad management.

You can obtain players via the Transfer Market or packs if you don’t have any or enough to meet the requirements. This can be challenging because some needed players are sometimes frustrating to acquire, aren’t on the market, or are on the market but are too expensive. So make wise decisions.

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If you’re going over budget and potentially wipe your main squad simply to grab one card, you don’t need it. LOL!


Do not dismiss this article just yet; I will explain what happens next once you submit a specific squad to SBC. This is critical!

  • Since the first day, FIFA 22 SBC has been available every day. There are two categories of challenges: those that can be completed at any time since they are always available, and those that have an expiration date. In some circumstances, you must complete them before they expire in order to receive the benefits.
    • You’ll receive your Players back if a challenge expires before you finish and submit it.
  • Please pay attention! The cards you select in the Squad Building Challenges will not be returned to you. Consider carefully who players you choose since once you submit your team, you will forfeit any players that are part of the challenge.
Screengrab Courtesy of ShabbyGamer via YouTube
  • SBC Protection can be applied to players in your Club to make ensure that you don’t accidentally enter a star player into a Squad Building Challenge. If you try to submit a player who has SBC Protection turned on, you will be asked to confirm that you want to submit this player. There’s also a search feature that allows you to filter Active Squad members from Club search results, which makes squad formation and SBCs a lot easier.
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