There’s something about your favorite football team collaborating with your favorite anime show. And if you are one such fella, you may have come upon Jacksonville Jaguars anime reference in a recent tweet. Which, they dedicate their hearts to a poster inspired by Attack on Titan.

How Jacksonville Jaguars been doing so far

The American football team had their match against Tennessee Titans today, which they won by a whopping 20-16. They have thus attained the 2022 American Football Conference South division title.

  1. The Jacksonville Jaguars are en route to National Football League’s post-season playoffs. And this will be their first such appearance after 2017.
  2. Jacksonville has now won five times in a row, heading to host either Los Angeles Chargers or Baltimore Ravens. That’s for the Super Wild Card Weekend in the coming week.

Jacksonville Jaguars Attack on Titan reference poster

Jacksonville Jaguars Attack on Titan
Image courtesy of Attack On Geek
  • The tweet sees the Jaguars reiterating their tremendous win against the Titans. The tweet reads Dedicate your heart in designer fonts. That is a direct recall of Attack on Titan’s Shinzowo Sasageyo, which roughly translates to about the same.

It’s often spoken by Erwin Smith, the commander of the scout regiment in Attack on Titan. To dedicate your heart is to give your all against the titans which pervade humanity.

Attack on Tennesse ‘Titans’?

This is interesting because the entire premise of Attack on Titan is that of fighting against two-story tall giant humanoid creatures named titans. And the Jacksonville Jaguar’s opponents for the match today were, you named it – Titans.

The Jacksonville Jaguars Anime poster sees the Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawerence. The Attack on Titan poster from which it is a copy is actually the manga cover page, which is one of the franchise’s most famous panels ever. It is also the first season’s key visual poster. The poster hosts Eren Jeager and the colossal titan looking over the walls.

  1. In this poster by the Jaguars, Trevor took Eren’s position.
  2. Whereas running back Derrick Henry of the Tennessee Titans took over the role of the colossal titan.

The colors seem blueish in their poster

Jacksonville Jaguars vs Tennessee Titans anime poster
Image courtesy of The Tennessean

The poster is also different in the hue used. While the actual Attack on Titan poster has a multivariate color scheme primarily red, orange, and typical blaze colors, the Jaguars poster is a blue flame-toned palette.


As brought to the attention by Anime News Network, this isn’t the first time the American Football team did such references to anime. May 2022 saw Los Angeles Chargers streaming their game schedule with an animated intro.

The intro hinted at multiple anime shows, including One Piece, Food Wars!, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Naruto, and Attack on Titan.

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