New FIFA Game Coming For Qatar World Cup


EA Sports have been the kings of football simulation games for decades. And a lot of this has to do with their relationship with FIFA. But, as there will now be a parting of ways, with EA and FIFA failing to agree to extend their licensing arrangement, many are wondering what will happen in terms of the World Cup at the end of the year.

What’s been the case in the past is that because of the license agreement between EA and FIFA, the former has released a World Cup-themed title, and it’s gone down a treat with gamers. So, with the arrangement between the two organisations at an end, football fans could be entering the World Cup 2022 Group Stage with a couple of gaming options on their hands, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

For many gamers, primarily those who have played instalments from the EA Sports FIFA series over the years, they will be pleased to learn that FIFA 23, which will hit shelves before the commencement of the Qatar World Cup, will have dedicated tournament content available. It’s one of the positives that has surrounded the EA Sports FIFA series over the years, with their content being on-trend and in line with what is happening in the real football world. But, while you’d expect EA to dominate the World Cup market, FIFA themselves have a trick or two up their sleeves.

Of course, FIFA, as in the organisation, isn’t capable of producing a video game. But, it’s thought that the world football governing body has now decided to reach out to companies who can create video games, with the intention of preparing a couple of titles – FIFA World Cup 2022 and FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023. So, there is likely to be a minimum of two ways to enjoy the World Cup at the end of the year in video game style, and it could come down to the licensing positioning, and the content delivered.

What you’d be getting from EA Sports is bespoke World Cup content, and there will potentially also be a World Cup mode included in 2023. However, Ultimate Team remains the most popular way to play, so it’s likely that EA Sports will go down a similar path of releasing dedicated, bespoke content for the tournament as they do with the Champions League.

But, on the other hand, from FIFA via a third-party game developer, players will be getting their hands on an exclusive World Cup game, which would be the first of a couple. Some may prefer to play this release as it will be entirely dedicated to the World Cup, rather than the tournament just playing a part in a much larger project. Either way, football fans will be spoilt for choice. And, you never know, there could be others set to drop World Cup titles ahead of the action in Qatar.