The football field can be a devious one if one has to bear the weight of being a starting Quarterback. Attesting to this testimony will be the Quarterback of the Los Angeles Rams, who is nothing short of the veteran maestro. Matthew Stafford’s injuries have not been nice to him, as injuries never are to anyone. But the player has yet to give up on the same. Matthew Stafford will not retire. 

Things look dire for the Los Angeles Rams with Matthew Stafford’s injury

  • The Los Angeles Rams have had it tough for quite a while. In 2022, they are notably the first Super Bowl champion to have missed playoffs. The ones who went through something similar before, as noted and brought to attention by cbssports, were Denver Broncos.

The Broncos had similarly lost their quarterback Peyton Manning to retirement. Without the team’s veteran quarterback things can get quite rough in an already deviant field full of rough plays.

Matthew Stafford’s latest contract is an extension of his previous one with the Los Angeles Rams. One of the things with the Los Angeles Rams is that they must have been expecting such outcomes. Given that two of their players had faced such an outcome.

Matthew Stafford injury status

Matthew Stafford injured in game
Matthew Stafford, image courtesy of USA-Today
  1. 34-year-old Matthew Stafford was injured in the neck and sustained a concussion. It’s no wonder that concussions usually lead the players away from the field and don’t end with them being benched.
  2. Sometimes the results usually end up with the players being benched in a chair forever. Although everyone always wishes no such injury befall anyone. Luke Kuechly (Carolina Panthers), Chris Borland (San Francisco 49ers), and Ali Marpet (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) are names any football fan has heard. And these are the names noted for how they had to leave before their time due.

Will Matthew Stafford retire?

Matthew Stafford retire? Los Angeles Rams quarterback
Image courtesy of

Ever since December 3, if the injury will lead to Matthew Stafford’s retirement is a question bogging the fans’ minds thoroughly. As a shroud of good news, it seems Matthew Stafford won’t be retiring. In his wife Kelly’s podcast named “The Morning After“, the passer replied a straight ‘no’ to the question.

Although it is obvious that he will not have a chance to play in 2022, or at least for whatever remains of 2022. Which, isn’t much the day this is being written.


The spinal cord contusion has caused Matthew quite a hassle. But he seems to have opted out of surgery. As reported by Sports Illustrated, Matthew Stafford will be taking the traditional rehabilitation way for healing his injuries.

As it stands, things look bitter for the Rams. They are notably one with one of the highest losses for a defending Super Bowl Champion. In this year alone they have had quite a few players’ injuries. Wide receiver Cooper Kupp and defensive lineman Aaron Donald are on such a list.

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