Jake Paul and KSI are two of the most influential and vocal internet celebrities who transitioned into boxing. A bout between the two pro boxers is long overdue and the hype just keeps building up. After Jake Paul’s reaction to KSI’s recent win at the Wembley Arena in London, the buzz has reached an all-time high. Read to find out who will win in a possible Jake Paul vs KSI fixture and what fighting conditions have been set for the bout.

KSI’s recent KO win

KSI faced Brazilian YouTuber FaZe Temperrr in a cruiserweight crossover card after Dillon Danis had pulled out due to lack of preparation as well as weight issues. KSI knocked out FaZe Temperrr in the first round of the card, taking his overall record to 5-0-1. 

  • In the post-match interview, KSI called out longtime rival Jake Paul and the fighting demands he had set for their possible fight. KSI clearly holds Jake Paul in high regard as he called him the final level and the final point in his career. 

Jake Paul’s fighting conditions

As expected, Jake Paul took to Twitter to respond to KSI’s win against FaZe Temperrr as well as his call-out in the Wembley Arena. The Problem Child truly lived up to his nickname when he took a dig at KSI’s convincing victory giving him the confidence to face Jake Paul.

  • In the post-match interview, KSI claimed that he would fight Jake Paul only if the contract for the fight had equal terms
  • KSI had complained earlier that Jake Paul sets specific fighting conditions that give him an edge over his opponents, such as weight and ring dimensions.

  • In his series of reaction tweets to KSI’s first round victory, Jake Paul stated that he would participate only if the fight were sanctioned by the British Boxing Board of Control. The BBB of C is the governing body of pro-boxing in the UK.

Odds and predictions

Jake Paul and KSI both hold impressive overall records of 7-0 and 5-0-1 respectively. The singular draw in KSI’s record comes from his first fight against Jake’s brother Logan Paul. KSI defeated Logan Paul via split decision in their rematch.

KSI Logan Paul Jake win
Image courtesy of TalkSport
  • So, who will win? The odds are clearly in favor of Jake Paul against KSI. The pro boxer has two fights and two stoppages, which is impressive for the early stages of a career.
  • Jake Paul holds an advantage over KSI in terms of his speed as well as heavier punches. KSI is not far away from winning this contest thanks to his wild hooks.
Image courtesy of TalkSport
  • However, KSI’s priority has been growing his own Misfits Boxing organization. Before facing KSI, Jake Paul would face another contender to fill the calendar gap. Influencer turned boxer Salt Papi is a key choice. Meanwhile, KSI could face Joe Fournier who has repeatedly called him out.

Despite no official confirmation, we can definitely expect a clash between Jake Paul and KSI in 2023. KSI himself has confirmed that he expects their fight to be in December this year. This would put an end to their beef that has stretched to over five years. 

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