French Big Man Alex Sarr Projected the First Pick in the 2024 NBA Draft | Here’s Why

alex sarr projected first overall pick in 2024 nba draft

Although they missed the playoffs, it’s still a great moment in Atlanta as the Hawks receive the honor of getting the first pick in the 2024 NBA draft. The Hawks, who finished the 2023–2024 season as the tenth seed, managed to beat all odds and won it big in the draft lottery. Last season, even with the flashy duo of Trae Young and Dejounte Murray, the Hawks weren’t successful in the East.

But now that they have the chance to pick the best prospect in this year’s draft, one name that appears in every mock draft is none other than the French center, Alex Sarr. Find out more about this young, athletic, big man and why he is the consensus top pick in the 2024 NBA draft.

Who is Alex Sarr?

Alexandre “Alex” Sarr is a 19-year-old prospect who just played for the Perth Wildcats in the National Basketball League (NBL) in Australia. Just like the previous first-overall pick, Victor Wembanyama, Sarr also came from France. Right now, Sarr stands at 7’1” with a 7’4” wingspan.

The athletic big man came from a family of ballers. His older brother, Olivier Sarr, who went to Kentucky, currently plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Their father, Massar, also played professional basketball. Meanwhile, Alex is eyed by a lot of GMs as he continues to become the projected first pick in the 2024 NBA draft.

Alex Sarr’s strengths are similar to those of Wembanyama

  • Sarr has all the physical tools to dominate: A 220-pound, 7-foot-1 center with a 7-foot-4 wingspan who plays like a guard. Sarr is probably the most physically gifted player in this year’s draft.
  • Defense: Has strong defensive skills and the potential to become an excellent rim protector and shot blocker.
  • Athleticism: Alex Sarr is an athletic big man who has the handles of a guard and the willingness to attack the rim. Sarr is also quick, agile, and mobile for a guy of his stature.
  • Excellent Scoring: Aside from quick buckets from the paint, Sarr has also proven to be an average shooter with a nice shooting form. A lot of scouts have also noticed his excellence in pick-and-roll situations, which is a great skill in the NBA.

Sarr’s weaknesses need to be improved ASAP

  • Rebounding: Although he’s a 7-footer, Sarr only averaged 4.4 rebounds in 17 minutes of play in the NBL. His defensive rebounding needs to improve, especially since he’ll be playing against bigger and taller guys in the NBA.
  • Finishing: The 19-year-old Frenchman has all the tools to score, but he still has to improve his touch. His off-hand is also somewhat unreliable as of this moment.
  • Stamina: Just like any other young basketball star, Sarr would
  • Consistency: He may be comfortable with his shots, but he tends to shoot a lot of long balls.
  • Is he going to be a center or a power forward? This is still in question right now, but we’re only going to know once he steps on an NBA court.

Why Alex Sarr will go first overall this year

Obviously, Alex Sarr is no Victor Wembanyama. Truthfully, this year, there are no superhyped prospects, not on the levels of Brandon Miller, Scoot Henderson, or even the Thompson twins. However, Sarr has a huge upside and a high ceiling to become a legitimate star in the NBA.

Although his numbers in the NBL weren’t exactly groundbreaking, his physical attributes and defensive capabilities are what NBA teams are looking for. Comparing him to Wemby is already a stretch, but his shot blocking and rim protection are reportedly comparable to the likes of Jonathan Isaac, Jaren Jackson Jr., and Evan Mobley.

Ultimately, the Hawks would have to decide what to do with their team and the No. 1 pick they have right now. There are rumors that Trae Young might be leaving Atlanta next season, but with the addition of a talented center, things may change for the better. But, eventually, the Atlanta Hawks will pick Alex Sarr since he is the type of player they need the most – an athletic scoring big man to pair with All-Star point guard Trae Young.

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