“Luka Doncic Owns Rudy Gobert” | NBA Fans React to Luka’s Trash Talk to the 4-time DPoY

Luka Doncic on Rudy Gobert

Game winner! Luka Doncic comes up big in game 2 to take a 2-0 lead against the Minnesota Timberwolves. The Dallas Mavericks secured a thrilling victory, 109-108, over Minnesota, thanks to Luka’s wild game-winning three over the 4-time Defensive Player of the Year, Rudy Gobert. After another spectacular display of talent, fans are now convinced that, after cooking the reigning DPoY, Luka Doncic owns Rudy Gobert.

The Mavs drew up a play for Luka in the final seconds of the game. Unexpectedly, the Wolves decided to make a switch, where Rudy Gobert was tasked with guarding Luka on the perimeter. Unfortunately for them, Doncic called game and hit a step-back three over the 7-foot-1 Gobert. At the end of regulation, Luka tallied a triple-double of 32 points, 13 assists, and 10 rebounds.

What did Luka Doncic say to Rudy Gobert?

In the heat of the moment, Luka was already extremely thrilled after hitting that shot. Right after taking the lead, Luka talked trash to Rudy and said, “Motherf–ker! You can’t f–king guard me!”. The Mavericks bench went wild while Dereck Lively II was out there celebrating the dub with Luka.


At the post-game interview, one reporter humored Luka and asked, “He can’t effin guard you, huh?”. The 25-year-old superstar jokingly denied it and said he was just speaking Slovenian. With a 2-0 lead and an intense game-winner, you really can’t blame him for talking trash to Rudy, can you?

After the game, Luka also graced Shaquille O’Neal and the rest of the Inside the NBA crew. He mentioned that Rudy switching during the screen was not what they expected. However, he said he just needed to get to “his spot”. To top all of that, Luka made a funny remark, saying, “He can’t move. I can’t move fast, but I can move faster than him.”

Luka Doncic cooks Rudy Gobert with his signature step-back three … for the second time

Wonder why that shot was so familiar? Aside from the isolation step-back three being Doncic’s go-to move, he also did the same thing over Rudy Gobert during their match in the 2023 FIBA World Cup. It’s the exact same move, but it was on a different side of the court. Nevertheless, it’s as amazing as it is now, and Gobert just happened to be the victim of Luka’s unbelievable scoring prowess.

NBA Twitter and fans can’t help but notice how Bully Luka has been cooking and terrorizing Gobert on different occasions. Some are even saying that Luka Doncic owns Rudy Gobert now. Despite being a DPoY, the French big man still couldn’t figure out how to guard the Slovenian hotshot. Moreover, Luka Doncic is doing everything he can with a bad knee. This is going to be a great series, but Luka has already proven that he is really capable of playing against all odds.




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