Top 5 Active NBA Players with the Most Fans 2023

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The NBA has witnessed a long list of iconic basketball players who had a huge impact on the game and their fanbase. In this article, we delve into the realm of fandom and unveil the top five active NBA players who have successfully captured the hearts and adoration of supporters across the globe. Brace yourselves for a thrilling countdown as we explore these players’ remarkable impact on and off the court, solidifying their status as the most beloved figures in the basketball world. Hint: You already know who’s number one on this list of NBA players with the most fans!

5. Kyrie Irving

Twitter followers: 4.7 Million
Instagram followers: 19 Million

The most enigmatic player in NBA today is no other than Mavericks All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving. Irving may be one of the most controversial players in the league but easily one of the most misunderstood. He may have some different opinions than others on various topics, such as being a flat-earther, but you can’t take away his basketball greatness.

Kyrie Irving and Dallas Mavericks
Screengrab Courtesy of Chaz NBA (via YouTube)

Kyrie had also caused a lot of drama in the past, but that did not pull him down one bit. Even his fanbase backs him up whenever he gets torn down by the league or his previous teams. Moreover, Kyrie is arguably one of the most beloved players instead of one of the most hated. The 31-year-old currently plays for the Dallas Mavericks, but his time with Luka Doncic could come to an end this offseason, as Kyrie will be an unrestricted free agent in 2023.

4. Russell Westbrook

Twitter followers: 6.8 Million
Instagram followers: 22 Million

Nobody can question Russell Westbrook‘s effort, heart, passion, and dedication to his craft. As one of the most hardworking and intense players, Russ gathered a huge following by being himself.

Before thriving with the Los Angeles Clippers, Russ was receiving a lot of hate after an underwhelming stint with the Lakers. Despite being the team’s third option alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis, people still blamed Westbrook. Regardless, he still has millions of fans from all over the world who look up to him for inspiration.

3. Kevin Durant

Twitter followers: 20.8 Million

Without a doubt, Kevin Durant is one of the greatest players we have ever seen step foot on the hardwood. The most lethal scorer in the NBA is a 34-year-old forward who amassed notoriety for having multiple burner accounts to diss other personalities, especially oldhead NBA players like Charles Barkley.

Kevin Durant Phoenix Suns
Screengrab Courtesy of House of Highlights (via YouTube)

Durant was slammed for joining superteams after superteams, and the memes are nonstop. At this point, it wouldn’t surprise us anymore if KD teams up with LeBron or Giannis in the future. Kidding aside, millions of people follow Durant on Twitter mainly because he is one of the biggest stars in the league today. Once his career is all said and done, KD will be a Hall-of-Famer and even ranked a top 20 player of all time.

2. Steph Curry

Twitter followers: 17.4 Million
Instagram followers: 52 Million

Dubbed “the greatest shooter of all time,” Steph Curry got millions of fans and followers because of the way he changed basketball. Some say he destroyed the game, while some say he made it better. Either way, he is a very remarkable player, and his impact is unfathomable.

Steph Curry, Photo Courtesy of NBA

Chef Curry has the second-most followers on Instagram among active NBA players and has the third-most on Twitter. Aside from that, Curry has become a household name and is already synonymous with shooting threes from the logo.

1. LeBron James

Twitter followers: 52.8 Million
Instagram followers: 153 Million

Obviously, the active NBA player with the most fans and followers is no other than the G.O.A.T. LeBron James. At 38 years old, he has already broken tons of records, including Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s all-time scoring total.

LBJ is the most followed NBA player across all social media platforms, leading everyone by a mile. Although, the kid from Akron equally has as many fans as he has haters. The G.O.A.T. discussion is definitely a debate that has been enraging fans of Michael Jordan and LeBron James. But that would be for another topic. Nonetheless, LeBron shaped the NBA we see today, and we couldn’t imagine basketball without him.

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