Caught Red-Handed: What’s next for Ryan Garcia after being positive for Ostarine?

Ryan Garcia positive for Ostarine

On the 20th of April, boxing sensation Ryan Garcia swept the floor with super lightweight champion Devin Haney in a brutal, one-sided match. Although Garcia could not capture the belt after missing weight, the 25-year-old created one of the most memorable fights of the past year. However, Garcia’s much-celebrated triumph would be met with controversy just a few weeks later. Before the Garcia-Haney bout, the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA) conducted a drug test with both boxers’ A-samples. But, to everyone’s surprise, VADA confirmed that Garcia had failed the test, and a performance-enhancing drug, Ostarine, was found in his system.

Ryan Garcia Ostarine

Because of this controversy, Ryan Garcia is being accused of cheating during his win over Devin Haney. The boxing world, including Haney himself, shared their thoughts on the Ostarine issue. ESPN’s Mike Coppinger and boxing reporter Dan Rafael were the first to announce KingRY’s failed drug test. The reports have mentioned that Garcia was found to have Ostarine in his body the night before the fight against Haney.

But first, what is Ostarine?

Ostarine is a well-known substance among athletes due to its performance-enhancing ability, muscle growth, potential therapeutic applications, and bone mass preservation. Despite its amazing alleged effects on the body, Ostarine is not FDA-approved and has been identified as harmful for human use. The World Anti-Doping Agency has included Ostarine in the prohibited list under the anabolic agent category.

Ostarine is trademarked as a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM). According to the National Library of Medicine, Ostarine or SARMs, are non-steroidal compounds, but they do have negative effects on the liver, heart, and muscle.

Banned or Suspended? Ryan Garcia may face possible sanctions after a positive drug test

Ryan Garcia still has 10 days to have his B-sample tested to prove he is not using PEDs. But, until he is found innocent, the former champion may face a possible two-year ban from participating in any sport. Famous guys who succumbed to the same fate were boxing champions Lucian Bute and Amir Khan. Lucian Bute, the Canadian star, suffered a tragic downfall in his career after testing positive for Ostarine use.

Amir Khan banned for Ostarine
Screengrab Courtesy of Sky Sports Boxing (via YouTube)

Meanwhile, just last year, British boxing champion Amir Khan was given a penalty of a two-year ban for the same anti-doping violation. Mixed martial artist Sean O’Malley was also hit with a six-month suspension after testing positive for the same substance. With the precedent, Ryan Garcia may deal with a possible suspension or even a years-long ban from boxing.

Ryan Garcia Ostarine - 2

In his defence, Ryan Garcia believed the Ostarine was due to the supplement he has been taking called Ashwagandha. He also claims he “doesn’t cheat” and that everything is just a ploy to bring him down and disqualify his victory over Haney. Regardless, this is going to take a toll on his legacy as a young star in boxing. Whether he cheated or not, a lot of people are already questioning the sport’s integrity.

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