Gotham Knights What is Heroic Assault + New Features after Update

Are any Gotham Knights players or enjoyers here? You’ll probably love the latest update of the game. If you haven’t caught up with the new features, then we’ll let you know every bit of it here. The Gotham Knights game came to the gaming market last October 2022, while Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and WB Games Montreal published and distributed the game, respectively. What is Heroic Assault, what is Showdown, and the latest updates in Gotham Knights coming right up, let’s go!

Gotham Knights’ New Co-op Mode

The WB Games Montreal game, even before its release, is known to enable multiplayer in. game. Two players can utilize the online co-op mode, and you can enjoy the game in solo mode as well.

  • However, a new update that brings more players into the battle comes on November 29th, 2022. The devs add a standalone mode that can host up to four players in an online cooperative (co-op) mode — the Heroic Assault.

What is Heroic Assault?

  • To cut to the chase, Heroic Assault is a mode separate from the main story. It is a multiplayer co-op mode that up to four (4) players can enjoy. So, unfortunately, the four players’ co-op can only be available during this mode, not the main story campaign.
Gotham Knights, what is heroic assault, four p
Screengrab Image Courtesy of DC via YouTube
  • Moreover, this would be like playing in an arena environment. According to Gotham Knights, there should be “specific objectives to complete and enemies to defeat on each floor”. A total of 30 floors should be cleared out by the four players.
Gotham Knights, what is heroic assault, 30 floors
Screengrab Image Courtesy of DC via YouTube
  • The mode can be accessible upon reaching Case File 05 in the main story campaign. So, hurry up now and gather your family or friends for this battle!

More about the latest update

With the update on November 29th, Heroic Assault comes with another game mode called Showdown. If you want to combat the DC supervillains with the help of a friend, then this should be the perfect mode for you.

What is Showdown?

  • Showdown is a two-player online co-op mode that lets you face the DC antagonists. Well, the catch is this enemy is a supercharged version of the game’s main villains including Clayface, Harley Quinn, and Mr. Freeze.
What is Showdown, two players
Screengrab Image Courtesy of DC via YouTube
  • Of course, when you successfully defeat these enemies, rewards can be received. Legendary gear blueprints, unique suits, and Batcycle colorways when you take down each supervillain!
  • You can have access to the Showdowns once all bosses in each main villain Case File have been defeated. You may check out the villains’ trophies in the Belfry to start playing the mode!
Gotham Knights, what is Showdown, supervillains
Image Courtesy of Gotham Knights
  • Both modes can be played for free! You may just want to update the game to enjoy these standalone modes of Gotham Knights. Every player can enjoy the modes, so we hope you can get the rewards after the successful battles!

Gotham Knights can be accessed and played on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Windows PC. Unfortunately, you can’t play the game on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. You can purchase the game on Steam, Epic Games Store, PlayStation Store, and Xbox.

Are you ready for this Heroic Assault and Showdown in Gotham Knights?

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