MultiVersus has been out for a while and a lot of gamers are already hooked on the fighting game. Recently, the game director of MultiVersus took to Twitter to answer questions about the huge patch update coming next week.

It seems the team behind MultiVersus are dedicated to listening to player feedback. So here’s what we know so far about the huge patch update coming to MultiVersus in the next week. Read on to find out more.

MultiVersus game director Tony Huynh promises that the next patch update is going to be huge

Tony Huynh does not shy away from answering fan queries about updates to the game on their Twitter account. The past days, the game director for MultiVersus has been revealing more and more about the “massive” update coming to the game next week.

Here are some of the things Tony did reveal when he answered questions about the upcoming patch update for MultiVersus.

They are working on improving key mapping for MultiVersus

In the next patch, you won’t find it difficult to perform certain moves since this is something they are focusing on. Directional Attacks and Specials will be mappable for players using either a keyboard and controller.

MultiVersus huge Patch Update Next Week - What we know so far - Mappable
Image Courtesy of Tony Huynh via Twitter

So it won’t be long before players can customize their controller schemes for a more fun experience with MultiVersus.

The game is getting optimized to cater low-end devices in the next patch

Another improvement coming to MultiVersus is a new setting for players using low-end PCs. According to Tony, the upcoming patch next week will feature a setting that will help the game perform better on lower end PCs.

If you’re one of the players who really want to play the game but you’re struggling to play because of performance issues, it won’t be long until the next patch comes out.

Morty is getting a nerf after players observed that he is too weak compared to other characters

This has been one of the issues plaguing the MultiVersus player community since Morty came out. But it was finally addressed by the team behind the game and they promised a few improvements to Morty.

MultiVersus huge Patch Update Next Week - What we know so far - Morty

However, they didn’t reveal anything specific about how Morty is getting nerfed. Replying to a question about a Morty nerf, Tony promised that they are “looking at a few improvements”.

It won’t be long until the adjustments to Morty are introduced to the game as the new patch arrives next week.

If Morty is getting buffed, Bugs Bunny and Batman are getting some adjustments in the next patch

Some characters in the game have their own issues which needs fixing as soon as possible. However, the only characters we know so far who are getting adjustments are Morty, Bugs Bunny, and Batman.

  • For Bugs, a dair whiff recovery is added. Moreover, he is getting frame adjustments to his up air.
  • And as for Batman, the pick up cooldown for his Batarang skill is getting nerfed. According to Tony, this adjustment will give opponents a bigger window to counter Batman’s attacks.

On the other hand, Batman is getting a buff in the upcoming patch update in MultiVersus. So even though his Batarang pick up cooldown is longer, there will be an armor pierce on his Neutral Special bomb.

MultiVersus huge Patch Update Next Week - What we know so far - Batman fix

Additionally, players have run into a problem with Batman’s moves and combos. Players encounter a whiff delay when attacking and Tony has promised that they looked into it. This issue is going to be fixed as well in the next patch.

But for other characters with bugs that need fixing like Arya, there is no word about her getting a buff anytime soon. Who knows? Maybe we’ll get that Arya fix in future patches.

A quality of life improvement may also be arriving in the update next week

One Twitter user asked Tony if it’s possible to avoid queueing with players connected on Wi-Fi. This is because most players using Wi-Fi to play the game experience lag during matches.

To fix this, Tony proposed that they will give MultiVersus players a setting where they can choose to wait longer for a better connection.

What will happen if players use this setting is they’ll have a longer queueing time but a better connection overall.

So if this does come in the next update, it’s good news for players who hate experiencing lag whenever they’re battling it out in MultiVersus.

Aside from character adjustments, we may be getting new characters in the next patch for MultiVersus

It won’t be a huge patch update if MultiVersus is only introducing character adjustments and QoL (quality of life) improvements, right? And with the way Tony has been attentive to fan queries on Twitter while promising that the next patch is going to be massive, we can only assume that there is new content coming to the game.

MultiVersus huge Patch Update Next Week - What we know so far - Character soon

The character with the highest possibility of releasing in the next patch is Rick, the other half of Morty. According to data miners, Rick has been heavily playtested in the past weeks. This might mean that MultiVersus is ready to debut him in the game after Morty arrived.

And as for other characters which may arrive before the season ends, they’re mostly speculation at this point. But according to data miners and leakers, we may be getting Gizmo/Stripe from the Gremlins and Marvin the Martian before the end of Season 1.

However, these are just rumors unless MultiVersus confirms this information themselves. Nonetheless, we’re excited to see what the game has in store for players. It seems that MultiVersus has been going nowhere but up since its launch last month.

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What are your thoughts on the new content coming to MultiVersus soon? Do you think they’re releasing a new character or map in the next patch update? Which pop icon do you want to be part of the character roster in the game?

You can also share your thoughts about the possible nerfs and buffs to characters. Which MultiVersus characters do you think deserve nerfs or buffs so far? Do you think it’s only fair for Batman’s Batarang pick up cooldown to be nerfed again? Feel free to share your thoughts with us below.

If you have other questions about MultiVersus, we’d be more than happy to hear from you. Don’t hesitate in sharing whatever question you have in the comments below. Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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