Zack Snyder is one of the most popular directors of our time, if not the most critically acclaimed. His movies have a unique and different tone which resonates with a lot of fans. Due to desperate and continuous efforts by the fans, last year Director’s Cut of Justice League was finally released. As expected, both fans and critics loved his vision and we saw a transition from #ReleaseTheSynderCut to #RestoreTheSynderVerse pretty quickly. Everyone is rooting to see what’s next in store for our heroes but there has been only bad news recently.

DCEU Is A Mess

Most of us have no clue as to what WB is trying to do since some time and DC Live action seems to be bit of a mess. Since Man of Steel’s release, it was thought that a cinematic universe much like MCU will be built. But ever since the release of non DCEU The Joker (2019), things have been complicated and hard to understand. Apart from Wonder Woman, we haven’t seen any of the Justice League members since 2018’s Aquaman. Batman and Superman have been missing from 4 years.

Among all this we have a Batman movie starring Robert Pattinson coming out of nowhere, which isn’t a part of DC Extended Universe. Last we heard about Henry Cavil was that he has been removed from the role of Superman and is now portraying the famous Geralt of Rivia in Netflix’ The Witcher. Apart from this, rumors stating that Snyderverse will be erased in The Flash movie are also on the rise.

As the final nail in the coffin, Ben Affleck states that The Flash would be his last appearance as Batman. He said that his scenes in The Flash put a really nice finish on his experience with that character. Affleck went on to say that Justice League was a very hard experience and caused his drinking to relapse. So that’s it, without ever having a solo film, we’ll have to say goodbye to Batfleck. He was loved by many and crucified by some, but his portrayal will be remembered for generations.

Bye-Bye Snyderverse?

Snyderverse began with the highly inspiring and incredible Man of Steel which has an insane cult following even though it was bashed by critics (for some reason). Though it began here, it took shape in the director’s cut of Batman v Superman (2016). Now only after limited appearances, Batman and Superman are gone from the DCEU. Cavil’s Superman and Bafleck were the soul of the Snyderverse and without them, there is no Synderverse.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League showcased the potential of Snyder’s vision for the franchise but unfortunately WB seems to have other plans. With Superman and Batman as leads it was supposed to bring forward a dark narrative which might have been something unique. So, unless fans pull off something even grander than their appeal for Snydercut, there seems to be very little chance of its revival.

But all is not lost, as even though Snyderverse may not continue, some characters Snyder introduced will go on. Wonder Woman and Aquaman already have planned sequels, whereas Flash is getting his first standalone film as mentioned previously. The same actors will continue the same character interpretations for now. DCEU seems to have plans regarding multiverse, a hint of which was seen in CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earth’s storyline. Also, The Joker and The Batman might also tie into DCEU via multiverse. As of now though, there doesn’t seem to be any system to this mess and fans are eagerly waiting to get some answers.

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