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With its Neo-Noir style and thriller feels, Matt Reeves’ fresh take on the Dark Knight’s tales would be a break from the character’s previous films. Will The Batman live up to expectations?

On March 4, the long-awaited debut of The Batman, starring Robert Pattinson, will finally arrive, and there are many expectations. The film introduces viewers to a previously unseen side of Gotham’s vigilante, Bruce Wayne, that dramatically alters our perception of him from previous movies.

Bruce Wayne’s early years as the vigilante of the DC Universe are depicted in The Batman.

With the assistance of Commissioner Gordon (Jeffrey Wright), he battles crime in Gotham City behind the shadows. The Riddler (Paul Dano), a new antagonist, has reached the city and is keeping the elite in line. If Batman hopes to help his victims, he will have to solve one riddle after another before the countdown ends.

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With no one else but Alfred to rely on, Bruce will face a crossroads, attempting to discover who is behind the gruesome crimes that have engulfed the city. As he pursues the answers, Batman will run into old foes while also possibly making new allies.

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A Darker Gotham

The Batman may be one of those masterpieces that could possibly shake us out of our comfort. There are many different ways to depict the vigilante in Matt Reeve’s film, but he chooses that of the Neo-Noir thriller, based more on reality, with violence bordering on melancholy.

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Visibly, the movie has a “living picture” approach that will entice those who like sophisticated graphics. Cinematographer Greig Fraser works with director Matt Reeves to create a warm, bright light that shines through the darkness and emphasizes the conflict in Gotham City. It’s like artwork on film for every scene.

A more personal perspective

But even though this is a DC comics-based sci-fi movie, it shows both the bad guys and the heroes in a more vulnerable and human light. A more personal perspective on the life of a notorious DC villain was provided in the film Joker; similarly, in The Batman, each character’s background is drawn upon to provide context for their role in the story.

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Even though the beginnings of Bruce Wayne becoming Gotham’s vigilante are not explored in The Batman, viewers will learn more about how the young millionaire struggles with his destiny and the death of his parents. Only Alfred has been at his side for all of these years, doing his best to steer him in the right direction.

The Batman clocks in almost 3 hours.

Matt Reeves, on the other hand, plays with the movie’s tempo to emphasize specific moments and accelerates up when needed to effectively tone it down when the moment is perfect. The Batman is a suspenseful and long-winded story.

The “investigation” element is not entirely the plot, but it is a major part. The Riddler will challenge Batman’s skills as a detective as he grows into his full potential. In other words, it doesn’t move at a snail’s pace.

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