What to expect in Deadpool x Wolverine film?

The world has been burned in the flames of glory revealed by the TikTok made by Ryan Reynolds. It isn’t the first time the Deadpool actor has broken the internet. There are many in the world who seem to believe that some actors were born to play some characters. At the top of the list, we have Hugh Jackman who has reprised his role as Wolverine for more than 17 years. Joining Hugh is also our beloved Ryan, who according to fans is the living embodiment of Deadpool himself. Today amidst the chaos bestowed upon us by Ryan’s Deadpool x Wolverine film update, we bring to you the possibilities of such a turnover crossover.

Deadpool 3 will feature Deadpool x Wolverine and will kickstart MCU Phase 6

Wolverine and Hugh Jackman

When Wolverine came out, nobody expected this character to burn the bridge between comics and reality so hugely. What has first been considered a measly small weighted beast is today’s pop culture’s finest superhero – Wolverine. The story of Wolverine first began in 2000’s X-Men, only to have his own feature film X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Deadpool and Ryan Reynolds

Deadpool 3 Deadpool x Wolverine
Marvel’s greatest fourth wall breaking hero, courtesy of IMDB

Then again when 20th Century Fox decided to adapt Deadpool, Ryan broke the silver screen with his sarcastic demeanor. I would also add here that Reynolds has seemingly carried his Deadpool persona to literally every other film he does, but that’s criticism for another day.

With Reynold’s second update video named Deadpool Update Part Hugh, A Deadpool x Wolverine is more or less confirmed. To add to it, it is the opening of Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase 6. The realityr of Deadpool and Wolverine joining the MCU is tremendous and awe-struck beautiful.

What did the video reveal about Deadpool x Wolverine film?

When Reynold’s second video came out, it tried to troll the internet as the cast made a hilarious attempt to give away the plot for Deadpool x Wolverine film; only for an overlayered WHAM!’s “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” to be featured on top of the video. That really made some giggle, while some downright took it to their legacy to interpret the lips of the two superheroes.

Lip reading the Deadpool x Wolverine Update

A fan on Twitter took it upon himself to interpret the story as mentioned by the Logan and Wade actors. The script of the dialogue between the two that is shrouded by the song is as follows –

Reynolds: These two f**king guys get out there…

Jackman: Yes!

Reynolds: And he’s like Grrrr!

Jackman: Pulls the f**king thing

Reynolds: And I’m just like: gooooo! And I just f**king catch him.

Jackman: And then I…

Reynolds: And I’m chasing him all over the place, and we’re going through stuff and through all these different places.

Jackman: And we’re gonna have this massive massive huge huge f**king explosion!

Reynolds: Yeah, and I’ve got the swords that, ssshhhk, boom! (and he pretends to stab Hugh Jackman)

Jackman: …and woomf. (he raises his fist as if he were brandishing his Wolverine claws, and pretends to stab Reynolds in the head) That’s it! (Then as he continues pretend to kill Reynolds, one of the punches actually lands and he says) Whoops! (Then Reynolds gets back up)

Reynolds: But I’m fine! I’m totally laughing about it!

Jackman: And I’m alive too, but you really have to see this because we’re in our prime. It’s true, the prime.

Reynolds: And what a way to make it up to you,

Jackman: I’m so excited about this you’re just gonna f**king love it!

Reynolds: It’s gonna be the best.

We can expect the most bizarre things out of a Deadpool x Wolverine crossover

Deadpool x Wolverine Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman in Deadpool 3
Ryan Reynolds asks Hugh if he’s up for another film, via Ryan Reynold’s official youtube channel.

It’s a thought that occurred even to me that what they are saying isn’t completely muted, only subdued by the song. As such, it felt possible to interpret their dialogue. Thought I know logic this much to tell that they would never out the script of a film like this – more like they don’t even have a script as of now. But then again it’s Deadpool – the most frivolously rule-breaking character ever written.

Deadpool often breaks the fourth wall as if it’s breaking fast in the morning for him

To give you an example of why Deadpool in issue #33 is captured by a frenzy scientist who tortures him. Contrary to a pain response, Deadpool instead goes “None of this is happening. There is a man. A typewriter. This is all his twisted imagination” while seemingly starting at the readers’ eye.

Deadpool is also seemingly aware of the multiverse. Another bizarre write-up that happened was in Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe, written by Cullen Bun. As the name suggests, Deadpool in this story plans on killing all the people in the Marvel universe. Not being content with killing fictional characters, Deadpool is then illustrated to get out of his comic book and kill his writers, storyboarders, and illustrators. 

Wolverine is not dead yet

Image Courtesy: IMDb

Reynolds and Hugh in their update video tackled the greatest question ever – Logan dies in 2029. If we expect Reynold’s points at this point to be of relevance, Deadpool 3 is set in a time period before 2029.

  • The fact that they addressed this may also indicate that Logan is not erased i.e the ending of Logan is still canon. As such MCU may have to incorporate a way to induce Wolverine’s story as something that has been happening all along.
  • This will also mean that they will have to establish the stories of X Men’s Days of Future Past as canon too, which seems to be too much work. But not really.

The Multiverse makes all of Wolverine’s storyline legit

Andrew and Maguire Spiderman in No Way Home
courtesy of Marvel.com

Remember how Spider-Man No Way Home showed Andrew and Maguire’s spiderman universes? Yeah. All universes are now apparently possible within the scope of MCU – even previous non-MCU marvel works like X-Men. As such it is entirely possible to establish all the events of X-Men Days of Future Past (remember that this film rewrote the story of X-Men Origins, which thus never happened).

We will probably be introduced to Wolverine in this way – as part of a different universe than our primary universe. The universe we have been following til now, with Avengers and all.

Deadpool x Wolverine in Deadpool 3 may fight off against Danger

Ryan Reynolds in his Deadpool update
Ryan reading the comics Wolverine Vol. 7 No. 21.
  • Danger is the training room for all the mutants in Dr. Xavier’s Mutant mansion. No, they aren’t going to fight against an inanimate object.
  • Danger is actually the mutant manifestation of the software used in the training room.

We can conclude this from the first Deadpool update, where Reynolds is seen wearing his Deadpool suit and pooping while reading Wolverine Vol. 7 No. 21. 

How does Deadpool x Wolverine in Deadpool 3 fit in the MCU?

We know that at the end of Deadpool 2, Wade Wilson takes the time-traveling machine of Cable and travels off into different prior films.

  • This includes DC’s Green Lantern (UGH THE GUTS OF THEM TO PULL THIS ONE OUT OMG).
  • Another such film is X-Men Origins: Wolverine, where he basically kills his earlier no-mouth rip-off version.
  • He also hints at Logan about how fans will be terribly sad by Logan’s death as released in Logan 2017.

Wade also tells Logan that one day his friend “Wade” will ask him to pick the helm again, and when he does Logan should do as instructed. It’s unbelievable that Reynolds hinted at a possible return of Wolverine back in 2018.

Deadpool x Wolverine
courtesy of reddit user u/toodlepants13

Now Deadpool 2 was in 2018, and the thing about Deadpool is that everything is canon and non-canon at the same time. The producers probably put the end-credit scenes as a fun play, but today it acts as a past-made prophecy of the future come true. Putting aside Wolverine for now, how can the Deadpool storyline fit into MCU? We see two possibilities –

Deadpool jumps out of TVA’s arrest (like Loki)

Deadpool 3 deadpool similarity with Loki
courtesy of IMDB

A possible theory is that Deadpool may have been arrested by the TVA after he drastically causes mishaps (even in DC’s Green Lantern universe, lmao) in the multiverse. Similar to the Loki variant in the series Loki, may probably escape from the TVA’s reaches and jump into the MCU’s main Earth.

Deadpool was always there (Like Spider-Man)

Deadpool may be like spiderman in deadpool 3
Courtesy of The Unsual Suspect’s youtube channel

Another way to go about this may be to show that Deadpool always existed we just didn’t see him until now.


If I was an MCU writer of Deadpool 3, I would honestly have fun. Deadpool is the one character that can break all continuity. He is the black sheep and the nightmare of all writers wishing to establish narrative connections. Deadpool can simply be shown watching an MCU film and feeling like wanting to go there, and do a The Ring Tv Jump scene and say I am here, deal with it. He can also just cut his finger and throw it through the TVA’s portals and have one of himself growing up in the MCU’s primary universe. However it turns out, for now, we only have expectations and speculations. We really need more troll-videos on Reynold’s TikTok account asap.

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