Spider-man: No Way Home is the biggest box office hit of the past 2 years and is being adored by the fans and critics alike. That aside, it has been described as one of the best theatre experience in years by a lot of viewers. MCU movies have always been hype-worthy and exciting due to incredible world building and extravagance they boost. Many other studios are trying to recapture the magic of MCU and one of them is Sony.

Sony’s Rebooted Spiderverse began with Venom (2018). While Venom is set in a different universe, the upcoming film Morbius looks like it’s based in the world of MCU’s Spiderman. We saw five villains in Spiderman: No Way Home who were all from different universes and in the end were set back to their respective universes. While they can be considered sinister five, none of them might return. Anyways, Sony’s been planning to make Sinister Six film ever since 2013, and now it finally seems possible. Here’s how we think it’s possible as well as the speculated members of the team.


Vulture who was introduced in Spiderman: Homecoming is the bridge between the Sony’s Spiderverse and the MCU. Since, the character rights for Spiderman are currently jointly held by Sony and Marvel, anything in the spiderverse is possible. Vulture was one of the finding members of the Sinister Six and Michael Keaton is all set to return as Vulture in Sony’s Morbius. Morbius 2022 is in association with Marvel and hence, has this big MCU connection.


As mentioned above, since Vulture is in Morbius, that means Morbius shares direct connections with MCU’s main universes’ Spiderman. This means Morbius is set in the same universe as Tom Holland’s Spiderman and not in some random universe like Venom. Morbius the Living Vampire played by Jared Leto was also one of the major members of the Sinister Six. So, it seems like Morbius and Vulture are definitely going to be in the rumored Sinister Six project.

Kraven The Hunter

Kraven the Hunter is Sony’s yet another upcoming spiderverse film and is all set to release on January13, 2022. Aaron Taylor Johnson is said to be in the title role of Kraven the Hunter. Now this poses one major problem that is Johnson also portrayed the role of Quicksilver (Pietro Maximoff) in MCU. So, how exactly having the same actor portray the role of two characters in one universe works, is beyond me. But Kraven the Hunter is surely going to be in Sinister Six.


Scorpion was briefly introduced to the viewers in Spiderman: Homecoming’s after credit’s scene. He was portrayed by Michael Mando who meets Vulture in the prison and asks him about Spiderman. Scorpion seemed to have this bloodlust against Spiderman and wanted to know his identity from Vulture. How far he’ll go in his conquest to possibly kill Spiderman is something we might see in Sinister Six or even Morbius.


Mysterio was portrayed by Jake Gyllenhaal, in Spiderman: Far From Home and he totally messed up Spiderman’s life. He is one of the most successful MCU villains of all time as he not only framed Spiderman for the London massacre but also revealed his identity. Spiderman had to deal with the consequences of Mysterio’s plan in the next film as well. So, being so quick-witted and everything, we doubt we’ve seen the last of Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio. Fan theories suggest that Mysterio will return and this time, with real powers!


Now we finally arrive at how Spider-man: No Way Home set up the final villain for the Sinister Six project. While Sony already introduced us to Tom Hardy’s Venom in the two standalone movies, he isn’t from this universe. So, how will we see Venom in this particular universe with Morbius, Scorpion, Vulture and all? The answer lies in No Way Home’s mid credits scene. We know that Tom Hardy’s Venom was transported into this universe and then back to his Venomverse. But we saw that a little fleck of symbiote was left in this world. That symbiote will surely find a host real soon and we’ll see a new Venom in this Spiderverse!

So, that’s how Sony has finally built up the six members for it’s Sinister Six project. Though these 6 mentioned above aren’t the original members of the sinister six but it doesn’t matter. They have built up these characters very skillfully and we’ll get to know more about them after the release of Morbius (April 1, 2022) and Kraven The Hunter (January 13, 2023)

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