The Boys: Who could be the new members of The Seven in Season 4?

The Boys season 4 new members of The Seven

The much-awaited satyrical superhero series The Boys has been putting its fans in deep anticipation. Season 3 of The Boys had the most bizarre, intense, and gore scenes we’ve seen in the series and it just keeps on getting better. With Season 4 just around the corner, everyone just can’t wait for the supes to return to television. Meanwhile, the official Twitter page of Vought International (The Boys) shared a teaser photo of the remaining members of The Seven. Of course, the captain of the team, Homelander, will lead this squad of problematic supes consisting of A-Train, The Deep, and a new Black Noir. As observed in the photo, only four supes are left in The Seven, which means they have to recruit three more to join their ranks. But, who could it be?

A new Black Noir

Previously, we saw how Homelander literally ripped Black Noir’s insides out in the 8th episode of season 3. It’s unfortunate that Noir had to suffer a gruesome death under his captain. The assassin’s death is only known to a few people which includes A-Train, The Deep, and Ashley Barrett. However, it seems that his death will not be the end of Black Noir’s stint with The Seven.

The character is reportedly going to be reprised by another supe, but will wear the same suit. There is no confirmation on which character will it be since the television adaptation of Black Noir is far from the comic book series.


Firecracker is one of the two confirmed supes coming to The Boys season 4. Played by Valorie Curry (The Tick), Firecracker will be a new character and will not be based on the comics. The superheroine’s powers and background are still unknown. However, she is seen holstering a gun, which could suggest she uses the weapon and is also a skilled marksman like Gunpowder and Soldier Boy.

The official Instagram account of The Boys announced the inclusion of Firecracker and teased with a caption: “Let’s just say this Firecracker has a short fuse.”. Will Firecracker be an ally or will she be just like the other corrupt supes from Vought?

Sister Sage

In August 2022, The Boys announced two new characters – Firecracker and Sister Sage. The former was introduced above and the latter, well, nobody knows about her yet. The caption on her photo says “Meet Sage. She’s already a thousand steps ahead of you.” This means she could have lived a hundred years like Stormfront or could be a master planner. Either way, Sister Sage would be exciting to The Boys, especially to The Seven. Hopefully, she doesn’t die immediately from the brutal hands of Homelander (rest in peace Supersonic).

Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s unknown character … maybe?

Award-winning actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan now joins the beloved series, The Boys. With Morgan now joining the gang, he is set to reunite with his former workmates in CW’s Supernatural such as Eric Kripke, Jim Beaver, and Jensen Ackles, who played one of the biggest roles in season 3 as Soldier Boy. The 56-year-old actor who currently portrays Negan, a villain in the zombie series Walking Dead, will join The Boys in the fourth season but his role hasn’t been shared with the public yet. There have been speculations that he will be portraying the iconic Tek Knight.

Technically, Tek Knight is not a supe – or at least he was not a child injected with Compound V. Tek Knight, also known as Robert Vernon, is an homage to Marvel’s Iron Man, but without morals and heroism. He’s got a very cool suit which he can use to fly. Also, this man is super RICH. This also leaves us the question, aside from Stan Edgar, is he one of the persons running Vought?

Tek Knight

Victoria Neuman

In the show, current Senator and Presidential candidate Victoria Neuman has one of the most overpowered abilities in The Boys universe. We won’t get into that, but if you know, you know. His uncanny partnership with Homelander aims to continue her motivation to lead the country whilst being an unknown supe. However, a lot could change in season 4. Who knows, she might just be the one to complete The Seven.

Nadia In The Boys
Nadia | credits Amazon Studios press |

Any alumni of Gen V (hopefully)

The Boys’ spinoff series titled Gen V is slated to release this September. That being said, there’s a great chance that The Boys season 4 could be released sometime next year, maybe in the first quarter of 2024. Hopefully, Gen V season 1 shows us how unhinged it would be to handle supes in their adolescence. It would also be possible to see an Alumni be part of The Seven since the school is managed by the same people behind that team, Vought International.

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