PS Plus Games for December 2022

PS Plus Games for December 2022

We’re now down to the last month of the year 2022, and we are thrilled! Before anything else, December means surprises and gifts, and PlayStation Plus may just have games for you to look forward to. With all games that came this year, well, what can hurt to have more just before we reach 2023, […]

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Biomutant: Top 5 Best Mounts

As you discover the universe of Biomutant, you’ll come across a plethora of living creatures to control, but which mounts are truly worthwhile? The mount lineup offered by Biomutant is remarkable and worthy of a wonderful universe that requires many different ways to discover it. It can be difficult to search hard for these mounts, so

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Biomutant Update Coming Soon

In response to community comments, an upcoming Biomutant Patch will implement a variety of fixes. This includes dialogue and battle flaws improvement. Biomutant was launched last May 25, roughly 4 years when it was first announced. Experiment 101 has gone through several promotional stages, including a playable preview at E3 2019. Upcoming Update Fortunately, the

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Biomutant: Mercenary Class Bug Fix

Several gamers aren’t seeing the Biomutant Mercenary class, and the pre-order reward isn’t appearing even though they have it. So, how do you resolve the problem? Mercenary Class Bug Fix When the Biomutant Mercenary class does not appear for you, you may get it by tapping the Options toggle on the Game Card, then selecting

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