Keanu Reeves Ghost Rider Carter Slade (After Marvel’s Moon Knight and Blade, Ghost Rider Might be Next)

Marvel’s Moon Knight starring Oscar Isaac is all set to come out on 30th March 2022. It was about time MCU embraced Marvel Comics’ darker and supernatural universe and ever since Eternals, they have been trying to do so. Moon Knight would be the first dark and supernatural character in MCU, which will lay foundations for the other characters to join him. With Marvel’s Blade also coming out next year, the stage is set for Marvel’s Midnight Sons and Marvel Knights.

Ghost Rider Will Be Next

This is a largely unexplored area for MCU but might prove to be a boon for Marvel in the modern world where people dig dark stuff. So, after Moon Knight and Blade, Ghost Rider might be the next dark supernatural hero who Marvel might target. We already have a Ghost Rider in MCU in the form of Gabriel Luna’s Robbie Reyes in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

He received a tremendous amount of love from the fans and was given a standalone Ghost Rider series on Hulu. Unfortunately, it was cancelled along with rest of the Marvel TV shows at that time due to the formation of Disney Plus. But now that Marvel is building a dark world, fans need to see Ghost Rider real soon.

Kit Harrington’s Black Knight has already made an onscreen debut, and Isaac’s Moon Knight and Mahershala Ali’s Blade are all set to debut. In fact, we have already heard Blade’s voice in Eternals, so we can consider that his first appearance. Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange, Jon Bernthal’s Punisher, and Charlie Cox’ Daredevil are already in the field. So, that leaves us with this very important member of Midnight Sons as well as Marvel Knight – Ghost Rider.

Who Will Be the Ghost Rider?

Kevin Feige had already expressed his interest in bringing Ghost Rider to the MCU canon. Now that he can, he will, but the question remains how and who? So, this time it will be better if Ghost Rider comes out with his original series or movie. So, it would be pretty easy for them to go ahead with Gabriel Luna as Robbie Reyes in Disney produced series. Because the work on Hulu’s Ghost Rider had already begun, so it would be less effort.

Also, that would make the most sense as he is already in the MCU, and Agents of SHIELD had direct ties with MCU’s Nick Fury, Maria Hill, and Lady Sif. But in case they choose to introduce a new Ghost Rider, then it’ll have to Johnny Blaze or Carter Slade. That’s because we already have Robbie Reyes in MCU and introducing a new Robbie with different actor would be weird.

So, it’s the fan favorite Johnny Blaze and the OG Carter Slade, who will need new introductions or new actors. Fans have already picked Keanu Reeves as their new Ghost Rider and why not? Keanu has that perfect Ghost Rider vibe especially Carter Slade. We all know how well he performs action, and his current appearance also matches the Carter Slade version. So, like us, do you also see Keanu Reeves with a flaming skull riding on a flaming horse like a boss?

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