Dragon Ball Super : Is Black Frieza The Strongest in The Universe Now?

Black Frieza Stronger Than Beerus?

We all know that Dragon Ball Super has a way with colors – so much so that we were expecting a Platinum Frieza after his Golden Frieza transformation. Yet Toriyama and Toyotarou seem to throw in a shade of black every now and then (pun intended). Welcome, Black Frieza. Also, manga spoilers are ahead. (Anime-onlys also have probably been baptized in the holy waters of curiosity at seeing the internet blow out with Black Frieza. Might as well continue?)

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What Exactly Happened in The Latest Manga Chapter? [DRAGON BALL SUPER MANGA CHAPTER 87 SPOILERS]

  • Gas is defeated by Granolah who is wished as the strongest in the universe in exchange for his life energy.
  • Gas however gets back up in his half-cooked zombie form only to attack Monaito.
  • Gas when inspecting his reflection in the waters feels an ominous presence.
  • Behind him appears Frieza who one-shot kills Gas and crushes his skull with a stomp of his feet.
  • He informs Goku and Vegeta that he has found a dimensional space similar to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.
  • Frieza Informs that he has trained for what would equal 10 years worth of Earth time.
Super Manga 87
Granolah Saga Manga
  • Frieza has now unlocked a new form, which he flexes and then proceeds to punch both Goku and Vegeta in the Stomach.
  • Frieza leaves them by saying they are not his current concern. Meaning he has little attention to give to them given how strong he now is.
  • Goku asks Whis if Frieza is the strongest in the universe as mentioned by the Oracle.
  • Whis gives a vague answer, that the strongest may be in some corner of the universe still.
  • Whis probably hints at some future encounter with this prophesied strongest in the universe in the coming manga arc.

That’s a lot of power. To singlehandedly deal with Gas, who Goku and Vegeta couldn’t for ten chapters in only one single page is remarkable, even for the once dreaded emperor of the universe. Frieza even proceeded to deal a blow to Goku and Vegeta. It seems to be that even in their Ultra Instinct and Ultra Ego form, our two Saiyan protagonists would fail against the second coming of Frieza (the first being his Golden transformation.)

Understanding Frieza’s Power and Potential

Frieza Has Always Been A Formidable Foe

Frieza is strong. He always has been so. Ever since the Battle of Namek, Frieza stood as a malevolent force of nature in the eyes of every 90s Dragon Ball Z fan. He was the arch enemy of the Saiyan race and a glorious villain for the rising story of Son Goku into his ascension to the beyond.

The Frieza Saga of Dragon Ball Z was a sight to behold. It was intimidating to know that the enemy faced by our heroes was an emperor whose power was of unimaginable caliber. It was of such heights that even Frieza himself had to suppress it using transformations that toned his power level. He toned it down to a quantity that would allow the weaker beings to at least stand without shaking.

How Strong Exactly is Frieza?

Dragon Ball Super Frieza Killing Elec
Frieza kills Elec, Gas’s elder brother

Now, Frieza is strong even among his kind. Although the Frieza race is strong, King Cold and Frieza are a frightening father-son duo. This is because they are mutants. Frieza owns at least 448 planets, likely way more. That’s ginormous of an amount for owning celestial bodies. For comparison, the highest quantity of anything that I have ever owned is 206. [ 207 in the morning, if ykyk 😉 ]

Frieza Never Had The Chance To Push Himself to Be The Strongest

Dragon Ball Goku vs Frieza

Pre-revival Frieza had very less opportunities to use his true form. Although, he had multiple tries at agonizing and admonishing everyone who he considered weak. This egotistical personality trait probably comes from the fact that for the majority of his life, Frieza never actually faced any real threat whatsoever.

Until of course, the legendary Super Saiyan of the foretold prophecy was to come knocking at his door. It was because of this reason that Frieza even annihilated the entire Planet Vegeta. Yet in what seems to be the strings of fate and karma, his very actions led to Goku being sent away to Planet Earth and thus began the series of events in which Goku ascended to Super Saiyan.

How Strong is Frieza Post Revival

Truth is, Dragon Ball Z never saw Frieza in his prime. Why? Stay with me.

Good Job Gohan

Frieza’s potential may be endless. The same as with Saiyans as they evolve each time they break their bones to death but barely heal back to health. Frieza in Dragon Ball Z until Goku had never met his match in power. It was only Super Saiyan Goku, and not base form Goku, who dug the grave for our alien emperor.

Yet only in the Dragon Ball Super timeline are we introduced to the revelation that only through 4 months of training, Frieza is capable of matching Goku Super Saiyan Blue. Before the Tournament of Power Saga and during his time in the afterlife of hell, Frieza did image training in which he imagined the Saiyan Monkey, as he calls Goku, and battled him over and over again. Killing him, over and over again.

Dragon Ball Super Black Frieza’s Power Level

Dragon Ball Super Black Frieza in DBS Manga Chapter 87
Black Frieza as revealed in Manga Chapter 87 courtesy: Dragon Ball Fan Wiki

Here’s the deal. 4 months of training allowed Frieza to go from the limit of himself by the end of Dragon Ball Z to match with Goku Super Saiyan Blue. We can’t really measure power levels after Frieza Saga, because the numbers went Tyranosauras X even for their standard, and measuring power levels were discontinued. This has not stopped fans from speculating, however.

  • By the end of Dragon Ball Z, Frieza’s power level was 120 Million.
  • In Revival of F, Gohan says he can’t even match Frieza’s first form.
  • Frieza’s final form multiplies his power x227 from his first form.
  • Frieza’s power level in his first form has to be at least over 50 billion. (Yeah, multiply this to x227 now)
  • Frieza in his final form fights Goku who reached the realms of god.
  • Frieza’s final power level must be at least over 6 trillion.
  • Frieza’s golden form which was still improperly developed must at least be over 6 quintillion

Artists have already begun creating their rendition of Black Frieza

To sum this up, Frieza’s potential is so whacked, that in 4 months he went from having a power level of 120 million to matching Goku who had ascended to god’s realm. I have never been good at maths. I am not by any means even going to attempt to justify just how much he has multiplied his power levels, but you should get a gist. And as a gentle reminder, one trillion is one million million. A quintillion is one million million million. 

Is Black Frieza Stronger Than Beerus?

Black Frieza is the result of Frieza’s training for ten years. Unlike in Dragon Ball Z, Frieza has met his own league. Goku and Vegeta are no longer just his nemesis, but also his motivation to grind and shine. After witnessing the events of Dragon Ball Super Broly, Frieza must have prepared himself not only for Goku, Vegeta, and Broly but also Gogeta, who gave Broly a run for his tail.

But that can’t be it, can it? Beerus has warned Frieza against ever attempting to surpass Goku and Vegeta. It implies that Frieza has accounted for the possibility of Beerus as his enemy as well. Now, this is going a few miles for us, because we don’t really know whether Frieza is stronger than Beerus. But for the record, Shin, who is Universe 7’s Supreme Kai said that Vegito blue may be stronger than Beerus.

Blue Vegito Stronger Than Beerus
Supreme Kai hints that Vegito Blue may be stronger than Lord Beerus.

This in itself has an insubstantial basis, as it could easily be a miscalculation on Supreme Kai’s part. But considering there’s any truth to this, we have to consider that Gogeta (who is stronger than Vegito) is stronger than Beerus. If Frieza has prepared himself for Gogeta Blue, then he may have already surpassed Beerus even if he didn’t originally intend to do so.

This is the logical arrangement, but there’s not much evidence that the creators will always be true to logic. Why? Well honestly, Beerus is not going to be defeated any time soon. He was the initiator of the entire Battle of Gods arc/saga and the focal point of the Dragon Ball Super storyline. Even if by any chance Beerus is surpassed, Whis is still an unclimbable wall. Not to forget Grand Zeno who is the pinnacle of existence.


Dragon Ball Super Golden Frieza Before Tournament of Power
Golden Frieza before Tournament of Power, snippets from anime episode

After the Tournament of Power Saga, one may think that Frieza has developed familial relationships with our protagonists. Dragon Ball story is akin to the narrative of villains turned heroes cliche (Krillin, Piccolo, Vegeta, Android 17 and 18, Majin Buu). We were afraid that Frieza has been another straw of the same line, yet we may see creators take him in a mildly, if not completely, different route.

Although Black Frieza now may be stronger than Beerus by a few speculations, we won’t know until we see Beerus go one-on-one with him. Which may take time. The Manga has ways to go and is taking a two months break until they continue with the next arc. Frieza is probably the strongest in the universe now and has the potential to grow stronger. It is likely that different characters will become strongest in the universe at different points in time, but the one to triumph over them all will always be Son Goku. Although it can be debated that Broly who if trained for ten years, would be far more powerful than Frieza. But that’s an article for another time.

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