10 Must Watch Series – Amazon Prime Edition

For many of us, watching a series is a guilty pleasure. And with the way screens have become that ‘indispensable’ pivotal object, let’s make a Prime day, week, and month with it! Amazon Prime certainly has a great collection of movies, series, music, and documentaries. Amazon Prime has become many people’s one-stop destination and their regular binge-watching pit-stop within a short span.

10 Must Watch Series – Netflix Edition

What now follows is a personally curated list of top 10 series available to stream on Amazon Prime. Before moving forward, a disclaimer is a must. The following list by no means follows a ranked order. It is a list based purely on personal opinion.

Young Sheldon

Season(s): 5

Image Courtesy: Amazon Prime Video

That one genius kid, who is also unintentionally funny and entertaining that puts all of us in knots and wonders, is none other than young Sheldon Cooper. The cherry on the top is, of course, his ever-entertaining family and his eccentric Meemaw, who I might add is the star of the show, keeps us all glued to this series. The series has a particular appeal, something about wants us to keep coming back. This series should be on your watchlist, and rest assured, loads and loads of entertainment will follow.

Wheel of Time

Season(s): 1 Episodes: 8

Image Courtesy: Amazon Prime Video

Released in 2021, this series has become one of the most-liked Amazon Original series. The way it was released was very clever and kept the audience on a long one-week wait for another episode to arrive. Based on the novel of Robert Jordan, ‘The Eye of the World’, Wheel of Time has an enchanting story to tell. Hopefully, another season is coming up shortly; until then hope this series makes its way up to your bucket list.

Mr. Queen

Season(s): 1 Episodes: 20

Image Courtesy: JustWatch

This Korean series had me hooked right from the beginning. A chef met with an accident and got transported into another era altogether and in the queen’s body! Trust me; it’s worth the watch. Doused with outstanding comedic elements, drama, excellent performance, and oh good food, this series is a good watch.

Modern Love

Season(s): 2

Image Courtesy: Amazon Prime Video

Modern Love season 2 was released in 2021, and we could not keep calm. Inspired by actual events, this riveting anthology series talks about Love – redefines Love. It is a series that portrays that Love cannot be a narrow box concept; it’s about acceptance, connections, significant revelations, loss, betrayals, and so much more. The series explores different facets of relationships.

With Love

Season(s): 1 Episodes: 5

Image Courtesy: Amazon.com

Want a tub of ice cream and indulge in some romantic dramedy? With Love, just might be the one! The series is about a family – Diaz family, and it is about them serenading and touching the lives of many as they embark on a journey to find Love. It’s a compelling series and is a fine watch!


Season(s): 1 Episodes: 10

Image Courtesy: Amazon Prime Video

A sci-fi with good comedy, uh, bring it on Or rather play it on! What if when people died, they could still somehow be alive, but virtually? Upload is about that. It showcases a new invention where people can have a luxurious afterlife, but there are many catches. This series follows jealousy, envy, anger, Love, lust, drama, and so much more. This series keeps the audience engrossed right from episode 1. The end might be a major cliffhanger, but rumors are afloat that season 2 is coming up this year, so this is the perfect time to binge on this series.

Good Omens

Season(s): 1 Episodes: 6

Image Courtesy: Amazon Prime Video

Released in 2019, this series makes up another of my must-watch recommendation. Watch two celestial bodies from heaven and hell descending to earth in human forms and getting together and fighting Armageddon. Packed with good humor, action, a great storyline, unforgettable characters, and great acting; indeed, this series is a great watch.

Carnival Row

Season(s): 1 Episodes: 8

Image Courtesy: Amazon.com

This series is based on cruel humans who murder and inflict torture on innocent and poor mythical creatures. Humans have branded these mythical creatures as “lower class citizens,” and they live in a world where they are forbidden to use the features that set them apart from the humans. This series follows the journey of a refugee faerie who seeks to rebuild hope.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Season(s): 3

Image Courtesy: Amazon Prime Video

How can I skip this series? Midge Maisel has a fantastic story to tell in this series: some light raunchy stand-up comedy, more family drama, and struggles to become a prominent figure in the comic scene. Be sure to mark it on your watchlist.


Season(s): 2

Image Courtesy: Amazon Prime Video

That one Amazon Original series I keep playing on repeat is none other than Fleabag. Honestly, Phoebe Waller-Bridge is such a mood, right! Such a relatable character. With a great storyline with stellar performances, Fleabag ranks all-time favorite series. I am sure it will be yours, too; there are no spoilers here, so give it a try!

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