5 Animated movies banned in the World
5 Animated Movies that are banned in the world (Image via DreamWorks Animation Studio and Mippei Eiga Kiryūkan Studio

Animated movies are a significant part of pop culture, bringing joy to audiences of all ages. However, there are instances where certain animated movies have faced bans in various countries around the world. This article will explore 5 animated movies that have are banned in the world as well as the reason for such bans.

Reasons why Animated movies get banned

There are several factors such as communal and cultural differences that contribute to the banning of animated movies in certain countries. Different societies have varying values and beliefs, and when an animated movie portrays content that conflicts with those values, it may face censorship or an outright ban.

Controversial themes or content can also lead to the banning of animated movies. Some films touch on sensitive topics such as political ideologies, violence, or explicit imagery, which can spark outrage or be considered inappropriate for certain audiences.

Let’s explore the list of banned animated movies in the world

5. Chika Gentou Gekiga: Shoujo Tsubaki

A still from the infamous banned animated movie Midori
A still from the infamous banned animated movie Midori (Image via Mippei Eiga Kiryūkan Studio)

Shoujo Tsubaki, also known as Midori (Mr. Arashi’s Amazing Freak Show), is a dark and disturbing animated movie based on a manga by Suehiro Maruo. The movie follows a young girl named Midori who joins a freak show after her parents’ passing. The movie explores themes of abuse, exploitation, and grotesque imagery.

Reasons for Ban: 

Shoujo Tsubaki has faced bans in several countries due to its explicit and disturbing content. The movie includes highly inappropriate and offensive scenes of graphic violence, sexual abuse, and grotesque imagery.

The movie also puts forth the issue of pedophilia and animal cruelty with fully animated nude scenes. The controversial nature of the movie led to its prohibition in the whole world.

4. Death Note Relight: Visions of a God 

5 Animated movies banned in the World
L and Light Yagami from Death Note Relight: Visions of a God (Image via Madhouse Studio)

Death Note Relight: Visions of a God is an animated compilation film that retells the events of the original Death Note” anime series. It focuses on the battle of wits between Light Yagami and L from the perspective of Ryuk, the Shinigami. Light is a high school student who possesses a supernatural notebook capable of killing people, and L is a brilliant detective determined to uncover Light’s true identity.

Reasons for Ban: 

  • Death Note Relight: Visions of a God faced a ban in China due to concerns over its portrayal of violence and supernatural themes.
  • Airing Death Note on Chinese television led to many kids creating their own Death Note to imitate the actions of Light Yagami.

The Chinese authorities deemed the movie to have a negative influence on the youth and believed that it glorified vigilantism. Consequently, the Death Note movie was not allowed to be officially released or screened in China.

3. Kite

5 Animated movies banned in the World
Sawa from a Kite (Image via ARMS Studio)

At no. 3 in our list of 5 Animated movies banned in the World, we have Kite. Kite is a 1998 Japanese animated film directed by Yasuomi Umetsu. The story of Kite revolves around a girl named Sawa, who becomes an assassin following the tragic murder of her parents. Employed by a corrupt detective, she carries out his orders to target criminals while seeking revenge for her family’s tragic fate.

The film showcases intense action, and a dark and gritty atmosphere, and delves into themes of vengeance, corruption, and the loss of innocence. With its visually stunning animation and mature content, Kite gained a cult following and became known for its controversial nature.

Reasons for Ban: 

The film portrays underage characters engaged in sexual activities, including sexual abuse and exploitation. There were concerns about the inappropriate and potentially harmful content, especially considering the young age of the characters involved.

The Norwegian authorities deemed the film to be detrimental and potentially harmful to viewers, particularly child pornography and therefore banned its distribution and screening in the country. 

2. Wicked City

A still from Wicked City
A still from Wicked City (Image via Madhouse Studio)

Wicked City is a Japanese animated supernatural thriller film based on a novel by Hideyuki Kikuchi. In a world where humans and supernatural creatures coexist, a human detective and his supernatural partner investigate a perilous plot endangering the delicate balance between the two realms.

Reasons for Ban: 

Wicked City was banned in the United States due to its explicit content. Which included scenes of graphic violence, nudity, and sexual themes. The movie’s dark and mature nature, combined with its explicit imagery, led to

1. Shrek 2

Shrek from Shrek 2
Shrek from Shrek 2 (Image DreamWorks Animation Studio)

At no. 1 in our list of 5 Animated movies banned in the world, we have Shrek 2. Shrek 2 is a popular American animated comedy film. It is the sequel to the original Shrek movie. It continues the story of Shrek, Fiona, and their friends as they navigate new challenges and encounters with fairytale characters.

Reasons for Ban: 

  • A Hebrew version of “Shrek 2” was banned in Israel because the film included a castration joke that made fun of Israeli singer David Daor. The joke implied that Daor had been castrated, which he found highly offensive and damaging to his reputation.
  • As a result, a Tel Aviv District Court ordered the withdrawal of the film from 20 theaters, stating that it cannot be shown in Israel until the joke is removed.



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