6 Anime like Summertime Render will obviously and must feature return to death – Anime such as Steins;Gate and Re:Zero seem to have many similarities with the Summertime Rendering anime itself. Being a spine-chiller show, Summertime render has definitely saved a watch in the spring watchlist this 2022.

Here are other animes that have features similar to Summertime Rendering anime.Anime like Re:Zero, and Steins;Gate has some similar references in the show. The series portrays the story of Ajiro Shinpei along with the tense energy of a solitary homicide, precisely like a Sherlock Holmes Novel.

What’s Summertime Rendering anime about?

Here’s a little synopsis of the show:
Summer Time Rendering anime follows the story of “Shinpei,” a teenage boy studying in Tokyo, away from his family. But he has to come back for the funeral of his friend “Ushio,” a teenage girl who is declared to have taken her own life. But things take a strange turn when he observes finger marks on Ushio’s neck.
You can watch it on Disney+ Hotstar, with a total of 25 episodes.

Why many anime features Summertime Render’s return to death?

Summertime Rendering main characters
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Summertime Rendering sets off in a creepy and exciting setting of odd happenings, mysterious deaths, and unexplainable time circling. Indeed, it’s that kind of anime once more – – the hero is stuck to sort out some way to save people from their unavoidable passings while losing their psyches.

Even only two episodes in, Summertime Rendering’s hero Shinpei has already been displayed to have hit similarities with anime like Re:Zero’s Subaru and Steins;Gate’s Okabe Rintarou. Here’s a breakdown of what these psychologically-thrilling animes have in common with Summertime Rendering.

1. Anime that features return by death at first is Re:Zero

Subaru from Re:Zero
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In my 6 Anime that feature Summertime Render’s return to death, I present to you, Re:Zero. Summertime Rendering begins with Shinpei having a foggy mind flight or the like. This is strikingly like the manner in which Subaru in the anime Re:Zero starts his experience. He leaves a general store around midnight and his vision begins getting foggy. He accepts this on the grounds that, as a self-broadcasted hikikomori, he remains at home constantly.

  • Be that as it may, this doesn’t appear to be the situation and Subaru winds up in an altogether new world to explore.
  • Exactly the same thing occurs with Shinpei, who unexpectedly has a distorted vision of his companion Ushio not long before his ship grounds and his experience in Summertime Rendering starts.

Shinpei likewise has the gift (or revile) of having the option to Return By Death, meaning he’s ready to get back to a specific save point after he passes on, like Subaru in the anime Re:Zero. Unfortunately for Shinpei, he is not greeted every time by a cute little servant alike Subaru.

2. Steins;Gate’s reading steiner ability

Okabe from Steins;Gate anime like summertime render
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Comparably to Shinpei in Summertime Rendering and Subaru in Re:Zero, Okabe’s story in Steins;Gate likewise sets off with death and twisting that appears to have put him in an alternate worldline.

  • Summertime Rendering additionally includes what is by all accounts a spy character, similar to how Steins;Gate has CERN.
  • Both of these characters likewise have glasses and comparative actual highlights. The main closeness Okabe would find charming is that Shinpei likewise has the Reading Steiner ability.

Reading Steiner permits one to recall all that while moving to various universes or courses of events. Luckily for Shinpei, in all probability is in the equivalent worldline permits him to utilize his recollections to his advantage by getting ahead of the mysterious murderers.

3. ID:Invaded’s science fiction

Id:Invaded anime
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This one is more homicide secret meets sci-fi, however, individuals who partook in the analytical idea of Summertime Rendering make certain to likewise appreciate ID:Invaded.

  • Like in Summertime Rendering, there are many signs concerning the idea of the secret dispersed all throughout the anime.
  • Watchers can find out about the overall future development of the plot assuming they pay attention to every episode.

Even though it doesn’t consolidate time loops, there is another reality where the investigator gets ‘revived‘. At whatever point he winds up dead in the ‘Mizuhanome System.’ Yet he does as such without memory of his previous ‘existence‘.

4. Tokyo Revenger’s time variable

Takemichi from Tokyo Revengers
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The greatest likeness is clearly the fuse of time as a variable, yet Tokyo Revengers takes it further as the hero can hop into totally different time ranges. Both are additionally murder secrets where the primary characters are searching for the death of somebody they love.

Both stories also focus on friendships and their intricacies.

5. Erased’s supernatural mystery

Erased anime main characters Anime like summertime render
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Erased and Summertime Rendering basically has a similar plot since the two of them include a powerful secret with time circles that appear to be set off by the protagonist’s death.

In spite of the fact that they share a comparative plot, setting, and various components. (for example, the consideration of a gathering of friends that will help the main character on his journey). That feeling in Erased is more cold and mental.

6. At last, anime that features similar is Higurashi When They Cry’s curse aspect

Higurashi when they cry main protagonists
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In my, 6 Anime that features Summertime Render’s return to death, at last, I present to you Higurashi. Higurashi and Summertime Rendering both occur in a little and separated country Japanese town. Time loops are integrated into the plot and, right away, will quite often be reset in extremely horrifying ways.

  • Higurashi starts as cut-of-life-like, yet the viewer rapidly gets stunned by the brutality and horrible depiction of killings.
  • Just like Summer Time Rendering, some Gods are responsible for these curses. The only different aspect of this anime is that it is a horror anime with a lot of gore.


shinpei from summertime rendering to top ten anime
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Summertime Rendering is similar to many psychological animes such as Steins gate but also had been the biggest surprise for me from the spring 2022 seasonal lineup. It is a perfect combination of drama and suspense with supernatural elements.
Click here to check out the trailer of Summertime Rendering Part 2.
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