7 Isekai anime protagonists ranked in terms of intelligence (2023)

Sora, Lelouch vi Britannia and Naofumi Iwatani (Image via Madhouse, Sunrise and Kinema Citrus DR)

The much popular Isekai genre has seen some great protagonists who have an immense number of capabilities, but there is one thing that makes them stand out the most – their intellect. All the characters chosen in the list are handpicked based on their intelligence and how they used it to get what they wanted. To be honest Isekai anime has gained a good amount of popularity, and the second reason for that has to be the protagonists, the first reason would be the plot.

The origin of the isekai concept can be traced back to Japanese folk tales, including Urashima Tarō. However, the first modern isekai works were Haruka Takachiho’s novel Warrior from Another World and Yoshiyuki Tomino’s TV series Aura Battler Dunbine. People have seen quite a lot of intelligent Isekai anime protagonists but they have never been able to put them on the same line and do a first-hand comparison of their intelligence. So this article will be ranking the intelligence of the best protagonists of your favorite Isekai anime.

Ranking 7 Isekai anime protagonists on intelligence: No Game No Life‘s Sora, Log Horizon’s Shiroe, and more


7) Kabane Kusaka from Kemono Jihen 

Kabane Kusaka from Kemono Jihen (Image via Ajia-do Animation Works )
Kabane Kusaka from Kemono Jihen (Image via Ajia-do Animation Works )

Kabane Kusaka from Kemono Jihen is a half-human, half-fox spirit who works as an investigator in a supernatural detective agency. He possesses high intelligence and vast knowledge of folklore, which he uses to solve mysteries and defeat his foes. In addition, he can outsmart his enemies by using his sharp wit. Overall, Kurama is a valuable asset to the agency and his fellow investigators.

Kabane Kusaka’s intelligence in Kemono Jihen is utilized in solving supernatural mysteries and investigating the behavior of supernatural creatures. He provides valuable insights into their origins and behaviors, and his ability to analyze information quickly and make plans of action is impressive. Kabane also has exceptional negotiation skills and can utilize his knowledge of different cultures and beliefs to resolve conflicts between various groups. This is the reason he deserves this honorable position on the list.

6) Naofumi Iwatani from The Rising of the Shield Hero 

Naofumi Iwatani from The Rising of the Shield Hero (Image via Kinema Citrus DR)
Naofumi Iwatani from The Rising of the Shield Hero (Image via Kinema Citrus DR)
Naofumi Iwatani from The Rising of the Shield Hero is a skilled and knowledgeable hero summoned to defend a new world from monsters. Despite facing discrimination and hostility from other heroes, he demonstrates intelligence and resourcefulness to become one of the most powerful heroes in the world. In his new world, he is quick to adapt to new situations and can create innovative solutions to the challenges he encounters.

Naofumi Iwatani utilizes his intelligence to analyze and understand his enemies’ abilities, craft new weapons and armor, trade goods and services, and develop counter-strategies to defeat his foes in battle. His analytical skills also come into play when he is falsely accused of a crime and must gather evidence to prove his innocence. Overall, Naofumi’s intelligence enables him to overcome obstacles and achieve his goal of protecting the world he has been summoned to defend, so it is justified to tag him to the 6th position.

5) Tanya von Degurechaff from Saga of Tanya the Evil

Tanya von Degurechaff from Saga of Tanya the Evil (Image via Studio NUT)
Tanya von Degurechaff from Saga of Tanya the Evil (Image via Studio NUT)

Tanya von Degurechaff in Saga of Tanya the Evil is a highly intelligent and ruthless young girl who is reincarnated as a soldier in a fantasy world engulfed in a brutal war. She utilizes her military strategy and tactical knowledge to quickly rise through the ranks and become a dominant force on the battlefield. Overall, Tanya is an efficient and intelligent soldier who utilizes her tactical abilities to great effect in battle.

Tanya utilizes her intelligence and strategic thinking to gain an advantage on the battlefield. She has a deep understanding of modern warfare and is skilled at outmaneuvering her opponents. Tanya also employs her intelligence to manipulate those around her, enabling her to quickly climb the ranks of the military. She is a quick thinker who can adapt to unexpected situations and come up with innovative solutions to overcome obstacles. Tanya’s intelligence is a critical factor in her success as a soldier in the harsh fantasy world she is a part of and there was no reason not to put her in the 5th position.

 4) Ainz Ooal Gown from Overlord

Ainz Ooal Gown from Overlord (Image via Madehouse)
Ainz Ooal Gown from Overlord (Image via Madhouse)

Ainz Ooal Gown in Overlord is a highly intelligent and knowledgeable guild master who becomes the powerful undead sorcerer Momonga after being transported to a new world. He employs his vast knowledge of spells and tactics to create his empire in this new world. Ainz is not only highly intelligent, but he also possesses a deep understanding of the world and the game mechanics of his guild, which he uses to his advantage to gain power and build alliances in the new world.

Ainz leverages his intelligence to understand the new world he is in, its people, factions, and politics, to build alliances and gain power. He also employs his extensive knowledge of his guild’s game mechanics and history to understand the capabilities and limitations of his powers and minions. Ainz’s intelligence is a critical factor in his success in building his empire and achieving his objectives in the new world so he deserves to be in the top 4.

3) Shiroe from Log Horizon 

Shiroe from Log Horizon  (Image via Studio Deen)
Shiroe from Log Horizon  (Image via Studio Deen)

Shiroe from Log Horizon is a highly skilled and knowledgeable strategist who uses his vast understanding of the game world to lead his guild to victory. He is known for his calm demeanor and ability to think several steps ahead to ensure his plans succeed. Shiroe is an important figure in the world of Elder Tale and is constantly looking for ways to improve the lives of all the players. Overall, his strategic prowess and forward-thinking mindset make him an essential member of the adventurer community.

Shiroe uses his intelligence in many ways to lead his guild and the adventurer community to success. His mastery of strategy and vast knowledge of the game world allows him to create intricate plans that often lead to victory. Furthermore, he actively searches for ways to improve the quality of life for all the players in the world of Elder Tale, using his intelligence to solve problems and create a better experience.

Shiroe’s ability to remain calm and think ahead also contributes significantly to his success. Overall, his intelligence is a critical factor in his leadership and problem-solving abilities, making him a valuable character in the series. A list is scrolling towards the end, Shiroe has every quality of hitting the top 3.

2) Sora from No Game No Life

Sora from No Game No Life which (Image via Madhouse)
Sora from No Game No Life which (Image via Madhouse)

Sora is a key character in the No Game No Life anime and light novel series by Yuu Kamiya. As an 18-year-old human gamer, he and his step-sister Shiro are renowned as the legendary gaming duo “Blank.” Sora’s notable traits include his unwavering confidence and arrogance, often referring to himself as a genius and mastermind. He possesses a relaxed and carefree demeanor, and approaches challenges with a nonchalant attitude. Sora is highly skilled in psychological warfare, utilizing his wit and intelligence to outmaneuver opponents and secure victories in games.

 Sora’s intelligence is multi-faceted, encompassing strategic analysis, psychological manipulation, exceptional memory retention, and diverse knowledge in various fields. He is an expert strategist who can analyze complex situations and devise plans to achieve his objectives. Sora’s aptitude in psychological manipulation allows him to deceive opponents and anticipate their moves, giving him an advantage during games.


Furthermore, Sora’s remarkable memory retention and recall enable him to keep track of the rules and conditions of the games he plays, giving him a competitive edge. His deep understanding of game theory and mechanics allows him to outmaneuver opponents in different types of games so he deserves to be the first runner-up in the game of intelligence.

1) Lelouch vi Britannia from Code Geass

Lelouch vi Britannia from Code Geass (Image via Sunrise)
Lelouch vi Britannia from Code Geass (Image via Sunrise)

Lelouch vi Britannia from Code Geass is a clever and charismatic young man who is determined to take down the Britannian Empire, which has conquered his home country of Japan. He possesses a unique power to control people’s minds, which he uses to manipulate even his most formidable opponents. In addition to his strategic brilliance, Lelouch is also a skilled leader who uses his charm to persuade and gain allies.

Lelouch utilized his intelligence to create complex strategies that enabled him to accomplish his goal of overthrowing the Britannian Empire. He demonstrated a keen ability to analyze situations and think critically, frequently relying on his understanding of human behavior and his mind-control powers to influence others to support his cause. Additionally, he possessed exceptional leadership qualities, inspiring his followers and motivating them to take action toward his objectives.

So at last we have the most intelligent Isekai anime protagonist walking home happily with the crown and I am pretty sure every one of you would agree with the decision.

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