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7 reasons why Boruto has not lived up to Naruto (Image via Studio Pierott)

The fans of Naruto, do not look at Boruto anime the same way. It is no secret that the fans of Naruto do not have a very good opinion of Boruto or the show itself. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations started in 2017 after the conclusion of the very famous Naruto: Shippuden. 

Fans expected a similar level from the new anime as it was Naruto’s son as the main character. But little did they know that all they will find is a series of consecutive filler episodes and disappointing animations.

In this article, we will take a look at seven reasons why Boruto anime could never catch up to Naruto’s level.

Disclaimer: This is a subjective article and reflects the writer’s personal views. It does not attack anyone’s feelings or opinions about Boruto anime in any way.

Boruto anime: 7 reasons why it was inferior to Naruto

1) The writing and the story are very sub-par

Boruto anime
Boruto post-time-skip (Image via Studio Pierott)

The in charge of the story and writing process is Ukyo Kodachi, an able screenwriter and manga artist from Japan. Even though his abilities, the story is pretty much sub-par compared to Naruto. Be it the characters, the plot, or even most of the fight sequences. None of them are comparable to its predecessor and the moments it gave to the fans.

2) The main character is just not as good

In shounen manga and anime, people look forward to the main character. Boruto in this case is just not as good as Naruto. Naruto was born from suffering and hardships, tackling the hate of every villager, and working hard with a smile till he reached his goal.

Whereas Boruto is just a selfish brat who does not think about the consequences of his actions. He is born as the son of the village leader and gets his every demand fulfilled. He is said to be a genius in the anime and also very smart, unlike his father. Later he realizes his mistakes and tries to be a better main character but it’s nowhere near what the fans are accustomed to with his father.

3) Too many fillers in Boruto anime

Naruto as an anime had very few negative points to complain about, but the one that was annoying to most fans was the copious amount of fillers it had. It was a weekly manga so it was always not possible to salvage enough content for the anime, so it resorted to making filler episodes.

But this problem is much more intense in the Boruto anime. More than 75% of the anime are either non-canon or anime originals. This made the fans get bored of it and drop the anime. Some people have argued that it has the least amount of fillers among other big shounen anime, but we are considering anything that is not in the manga as a filler.

4) Bad pacing

Another reason that goes side by side with the filler problem. Due to so many fillers, the pacing of the anime is just not good. It is slow, repetitive, and boring to the fans. Combined with sub-par writing, and constant fillers, the pacing of the Boruto anime is badly disrupted. It seldom follows the manga chapters, and whenever it does, events going on are just slow to progress.

It took them more than one and a half years to reach the Code arc, from the Baryon mode Naruto episode. Thus, it is again very boring for the fans.

5) Power scaling, unnecessary buffs, and nerfs

The power scaling in the Bourto anime is just absurd. Compared to Naruto where everyone had to train. undergo various stages of happiness, grief, pain, and suffering to get strong. But here kids without any prior training are taking down godly beings from outer space.

Suddenly Boruto, infused with Momoshki is for some reason now stronger than both Naruto and Sasuke, who are arguably the strongest ninjas of all time. This unnecessary buff is there because Naruto and Sasuke, both are heavily nerfed, especially Sasuke.

The writers have made them weak to make Boruto look strong, but it was just another reason for the fans to dislike this anime even more.

6) Character development

This is probably where Boruto made the fans, the most disappointed as a sequel to Naruto. The latter had one of the best character development renditions in all of anime. Characters like Sasuke, Gaara, Orochimaru, Nagato, Obito, Kakashi, and many more were just prime examples of great character development.

But in Boruto anime, there is no such iconic character development observed. Maybe the only contender could be Boruto himself, after Naruto and Sasuke’s fight against Momoshki, and that is just being generous.

7) The villains

Naruto anime gave us some of the best villains in all of anime. Broken heroes or magnificently written antagonists were best portrayed in this anime. Anti-heroes like Madara, Pain, Orochimaru, Obito, and even Sasuke at one point. The amount of threat these guys had, and their menacing aura, could send chills to the fans. Madara can any day run for the best anime villain of all time. “Wake up to reality. Nothing goes as planned in this accursed world”- Madara’s words send chills to the spines to even this date.

Boruto never had a single villain that could be comparable. The closest one is Jigen/Isshiki. He had this potent menacing aura and a sense of threat because even Naruto and Sasuke could not defeat him. But that is where it ends and he had a very disappointing end to his part. No other villain from Boruto comes even close.

These were the 7 reasons why we feel that Boruto anime has not reached the heights of Naruto. As mentioned earlier, this is a very subjective list and is based on personal opinions. It does not attack or target anyone’s preferences or opinions about this anime.

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