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A Galaxy Next Door is based on the manga by Gido Amagakure, which started in 2020 and delivered its fourth tankoubon volume this May. It is serialized in Good! Afternoon and distributed under the Afternoon Comics label. Up next is the latest trailer and key visual that was released.

The forthcoming, A Galaxy Next Door anime uncovered on Wednesday a key visual and the first trailer. Rina Endo and Maria Naganawa will join the cast as Machi Kuga and Fumio Kuga separately. The anime is scheduled to air in April 2023.

Latest trailer and key visuals released of A Galaxy Next Door Manga Anime adaptation

The anime adaptation of A Galaxy Next Door has accepted its first trailer and key visual, the two of which highlight the rom-com’s primary couple. The previous additionally reviews the supernatural idea of courageous woman Shiori Goshiki, who professes to be an extraterrestrial princess.

The anime recently uncovered a secret visual in April. Studio Asahi is delivering the anime with Ryuichi Kimura as chief. Gigaemon Ichikawa is taking care of the contents and Tomoka Otaki is on character plans. The primary cast includes Yu Wakui as Shiori Goshiki and Taku Yashiro as Ichiro Kuga.

A Galaxy Next Door Anime
Key Visual – via Official Twitter @otonariniginga

Galaxy Next Door cast

Taku Yashiro will voice the role of the main male protagonist Ichirō Kuga while Yū Wakui will voice the role of the main female protagonist of Shiori Goshiki.

Additional cast that was announced on Wednesday for A Galaxy Next Door includes:

  • Machi Kuga: Rina Endo (worked on: Tsumugi in sweetness & lightning)
  • Fumio Kuga: Maria Naganawa (worked on: Kanna in Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid)

A Galaxy Next Door Anime additional staff

Based on the manga by Gido Amagakure, The Galaxy Next Door is being directed by Ryuichi Kimura (Aikatsu!) at studio Asahi Production, with series composition by Gigaemon Ichikawa (The Fruit of Evolution: Before I Knew It, My Life Had It Made) and character designs by Yasuka Otaki.

Additional staff that was announced on Wednesday includes:

  • Art Director: Arisa Taira (background art for I want to eat your pancreas (movie), Sword Art Online: Alicization)
  • Color Design: Masumi Ootsuka (Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop (movie), Aikatsu!)
  • Director of Photography: Ryō Kujirai (Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale (movie), Akudama Drive)
  • Editor: Yuki Honda (Girls’ Frontline, My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU)
  • Props Design: Kumiko Shishido (animation director for Gokyōdai Monogatari, Dr. Stone)
  • Sound Director: Ryō Tanaka (Girls’ Frontline, K, Inuyashiki)

Staff member’s various reactions to the anime adaptation

Amagakure Gido Comment

Surprise, the galaxy next to you will be animated! I’ve already seen the character design drawings, and everyone from Goshiki-san to Machi-tachi to Kuga-kun is so cute and I’m so happy. Look forward to it!

Comment from Director Ryuichi Kimura

Goshiki-san and Kuga-kun’s incredibly straight and tingling love will be delivered straight and vividly to everyone. Whether you’ve forgotten about love or you’re in love right now,
please watch it together! looking forward to!

Comment from Taku Yashiro (role of Ichiro Kuga)

This time, I will appear as Ichiro Kuga in the TV anime “My Neighbor Ginga”. I will do my best to portray him as straight, clumsy, and empathetic. I would be happy if you could enjoy the world view of this work, which is a mixture of the warmth of family love and the mysterious fantasy, even in the animation! Thank you for your support!

Comment from Yu Wakui (role of Shiori Goshiki)

It’s sweet, it’s heart-pounding, and it’s a bit painful… While I was reading the original work, my heart felt tight again and again. I will do my best to express Shiori-chan’s sparkling expression and honest feelings in the anime, so please give me your support.


A galaxy next door manga to anime
via Pinterest

Kodansha USA is publishing the manga in English and depicts the plot as:

“Ever since their father died, Ichirou Kuga has struggled to support his two younger siblings on nothing but a small inheritance and his passion for drawing manga. But it’s becoming harder to keep up with his growing responsibilities and deadlines, especially after his last two assistants quit to follow their dreams. Just as he’s nearing his breaking point, the beautiful and scarily competent Shiori Goshiki applies to become his new assistant. But there’s something almost otherworldly about Goshiki, and soon Kuga finds his reality turned upside down when she suddenly declares them engaged to marry!”

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