Pokemon’s 9th generation will hit with the release of Action RPG Pokemon Violet and Scarlet games. The latest Pokemon addition is all set to be out on Nintendo Switch and Nintendo and is produced by Game Freak. Anyone who has played any series of Pokemon games knows what it means to be a Pokemon fan. The world also isn’t unknown to the fact that Ed Sheeran prides himself in being a retro 90s Pokemaniac. His latest single Celestial is a collaboration with Pokemon which is the feature song in Pokemon Violet and Scarlet.

What exactly happens in the music video of Ed Sheeran, Pokemon – Celestial

Ed Sheeran in Celestials
Ed after being affected by Hypno

Ed Sheeran, Pokemon – Celestial took the internet when Ed Sheeran released the music video last Thursday. The Music video is an amicable journey of the aspiring Ed Ketchum (just kidding) in defeating the evil Mewtwo who is off-for-blood against Mew.

  • The whole video is shown to be the conspiracy of Hypno that resides within Sheeran’s GameBoy Color console by the end. The entire anime-ishq animation of Ed Sheeran passing away in the gigantic battle between both the Mews is Hypno’s manipulation.
  • The music video teases us all the Pokemon that Ed Sheeran has caught so far and ultimately dives into the climax.
Gameboy Color
Hypno doing his move on Ed through the gameboy color (via Ed Sheeran official YT channel)

All of this ends when Sheeran wakes up and the audience is brought to a saddening realization that everything was a dream. Yet to add hope in a dark night Pikachu seems to be out from the Gameboy console, implying that the dream wasn’t unreal and Pokemon do in fact exist- albeit even if secretly within Sheeran Ketchum’s GameBoy console.

The console ironically and metaphorically acts as a Pokeball of sorts that hides the Dogs Vs Cats equivalent Pokemons out from the secrecy of the human world. (Where animals have a secret society unbeknownst to humans).

All The Pokemons featured in Ed Sheeran’s Celestial

The music video all in all features all the Pokemon that Sheeran apparently owns which goes on in his final battle between Mew and Mewtwo. 


Pikachu shown in Ed Sheeran's Celestial
Pikachu shown in Ed Sheeran’s Celestial, via the official youtube video in Ed’s YT channel

The music video obviously begins with the Electric type Pikachu jolting Sheeran out of his bed as fried Ed. This is a very retelling of the original Pokemon Anime that began with Pikachu despite having the usual 3 starters.


Charizard in Ed Sheeran, Pokemon - Celestial
Charizard cooks Ed’s food (via Ed’s official YT)

Charmander is the first generation (Pokemon Red and Blue) starter and is perhaps one of the most visibly resonant and famous Pokemon even to date. Ed’s fire-type buddy is seen heating up his food to the point it’s ready for delicious swallowing.



Squirtle is the water-type friend that appears shortly after Charmander’s debacle in heating food where it instead ends up burning the curtains. It hit a water gun to save the day after Charizard’s burning masquerade.



He is usually the laziest bunch. And his glutton is by no means unnoticeable. This lenient fella joins the team on Ed’s breakfast table, which is more than a Breakfast and more of a wedding buffet.


Everyone remembers how difficult it was moving Snorlax out of Route 16 entrance and catching him for yourself. This time Ed Sheeran is saved in the nick of time by his snorey fella from a car accident.


Machamp in Celestial of Ed Sheeran and Pokemon Violet and Scarlet
Machamp lifts a card

The Machop’s third and final evolved form appears to help lift the car that almost crashes into Ed. I will always remember this 4 armed muscle-head for its unique evolution style that needed a trade during the earlier games. I who played offline could never really get him, and that made Machamp one of those unique signature extinct species that you could only see on the opponent’s side.


Ed Sheeran Pokemon Celestial for Violet and Scarlet
Ed gets a lift in the music video

Lapras can’t evolve but that doesn’t deprive them of their cuteness. A pretty Lapras gives Ed Sheeran a ferry ride through what seems to be London’s Thames.


a herd of Bulbasaurs
a herd of Bulbasaurs

The last of the 3 starters of the first generation is this leaf-type buddy who always appears in a herd. The music video doesn’t stray from the same.


Eevee as seen in the trailer
Eevee as seen in the trailer

The journey of catching a shiny Eevee still remains forbidden for me. Yet not for Ed Sheeran who seems to have a golden-outlined Eevee right by his side.


Charizard in Pokemon Celestial single for Pokemon Violet and Scarlet
Charizard lifts Ed

The evolved form of Charmander is often recalled for being Ash’s greatest buddy in the Pokemon Anime. Thanks to the grown wings, Charizard takes Ed for an aerial view of London.

Mew and Mewtwo

Mew and Mewtwo collide
Mew and Mewtwo collide

The lore of these legendary Pokemon has always been at the franchise’s forefront during its initial run. Mewtwo is the genetic brother of Mew that always seems to be evil but turns out to be celestial. The music video however does not feature the end result of this climatic finale.

Galarian Starters

8th gen starters in Ed Sheeran and Pokemon Collab - Celestials
The 8th gen starter pokemon in Celestial

The 3 Gen 8 starters in Pokemon Sword and Shield: Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble join Ed Ketchum’s invasion into the battle between Mew and Mewtwo


This isn’t the first time we had seen Ed Sheeran collaborating with Pokemon. He has always been proud of himself for being a retro GameBoy generation follower of Pokemon. Ed originally teased the release of Celestial in a short earlier where he got himself covered in a blanket of Pokemon soft toys. Surely this hasn’t been the first time Ed did this and it probably won’t be the last.

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