Author gives his final answer on the possibility of No Game No Life Season 2

Fans of the popular anime series No Game No Life have been eagerly waiting for a second season ever since the first season aired in 2014. Yuu Kamiya’s light novel series adapted into an anime, ended after only 12 episodes. Leaving fans with unanswered questions and disappointment. Recently, the author himself answers about the possibility of No Game No Life Season 2, and it’s not what we all expected it to be.

Over the years, there have been rumors, speculations, and hopes about the possibility of No Game No Life Season 2. But no concrete confirmation or denial. In light of the studio’s continued silence, the author finally took to Twitter to give their take on the matter.

Author’s answer on the possibility of No Game No Life Season 2 is quite the opposite

Kamiya has received numerous inquiries from fans worldwide about the possibility of a second season of No Game No Life. But his Twitter response says that he has no more information on the status than they do. His tweet says:

I’ve received it in all the languages of the world, saying, “Is season 2 yet?” So the answer is “I want to know more than anyone”.

Is it difficult to have a story in NGNL Season 2?

Author's answer on the possibility of No Game No Life Season 2
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A fan asked if the reason behind the lack of a second season had to do with the difference between the anime’s ending and the ending of the light novel series. But, Kamiya denies it by saying:

“In a sequel, you can go back in the chronology or even change the story, so that is not the problem.”

  • He even clarified that the reason for the difference in the anime’s ending compared to the light novel was due to the director’s wish for an unconventional conclusion.
  • He added that the first season’s finale was adapted from Volume 6 of the light novel series, which he had written during the production of the show.

No Game No Life is too good to have a second season

Kamiya’s explanation gives fans an insight into why there hasn’t been a second season of No Game No Life. The issue is not funding, but rather the concern that maintaining the same level of quality as the first season would be challenging.

Studios may have been held back from investing in the project due to this fear, leaving fans waiting for the series to return.

No Game No Life’s Sales and Profits

Author's answer on the possibility of No Game No Life Season 2
Image Courtesy of Studio Madhouse

The first season of No Game No Life Blu-ray sold about 8,800 copies per disc, while the movie sold nearly 45,000 copies. That is quite amazing for an initial season and a movie.

  • No Game No Life Volume 10 sold 161,000 copies, while the latest volume, Volume 11, only sold about 70,000 copies. Which is lower than the series’ previous sales figures.
  • While the decline in light novel sales may be partly due to digital sales. The majority of it is likely attributed to the long hiatus of the series.

No Game No Life series had 6,000,000 copies in print, making it one of the top 40 most popular light novel series of all time.


Furthermore, the legacy of No Game No Life as a creative and imaginative work of fiction will continue to inspire and entertain people around the world. Regardless of the medium.

As the famous saying goes, “All good things must come to an end,” but that doesn’t mean they will be forgotten.

That’s everything to know about the author’s final answer to the possibility of No Game No Life Season 2. What is your opinion on it? Do let us know in the comments down below.

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