Baki Hanma Season 2: Can Baki finally beat Yujiro?

Can Baki beat Yujiro Hanma in Season 2

As we step into the world of martial arts Baki Hanma, the prodigious young fighter, returns in Season 2 of the hit anime series, Baki. The thrilling saga of the Great Raitai Tournament reached its long-awaited conclusion in the first season. While keeping a burning question in the mind of whether: Can Baki finally beat Yujiro Hanma or not.

  • In this upcoming season, we’ll get to see two parts. One titled ‘The Tale of Pickle & The Pickle War Saga’ will release on July 26th, 2023.
  • The second part named ‘The Father VS Son Saga“, is where we’ll see the long-awaited Baki vs Yujiro fight.

How strong is Baki now compared to the very start of the series?

Can Baki beat Yujiro Hanma in Season 2
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Baki’s power undergoes a constant evolution as the series progresses. Initially, he demonstrates a level of prowess comparable to that of Mount Toba a formidable wrestler who effortlessly defeated Junichi Hanada.

By the time Baki reaches the age of 17, he was already the esteemed champion of the Tokyo Underground Dome. So, his relentless pursuit of strength makes it challenging to determine a definitive benchmark for his power.

He took his power to greater heights during his fight with Gaia in Baki The Grappler. Where he learned the power of endorphins to enhance both his strength and speed, further boosting his formidable abilities.

Is he far stronger than the other characters?

  • Yes, his powers escalated to the point where he could single-handedly engage in combat against two escaped convicts and swiftly defeat them.
  • His exceptional strength, remarkable speed, enduring stamina, and unparalleled techniques outclass the majority of characters within the series.

And by the conclusion of the third series, just before Baki’s final battle with his father, he becomes incredibly powerful. He can effortlessly obliterate a punching machine pad with a simple punch. It is reasonable to say that he is the second most strongest character after this dad.

How strong was Yujiro during the age of Baki?

Can Baki beat Yujiro Hanma in Season 2
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As we all know, Yujiro is the most powerful character in the series, said to possess strength equivalent to that of an entire army or even more. When he was 16, along with his father, Yuichiro Hanma, was able to defeat the American military forces during the Vietnam War.

According to the show, Yujiro’s strikes are compared to nuclear explosions. He is so tough that he can endure a direct, full-force blow from anyone on Earth without even showing the slightest sign of flinching.

What made Yujiro have a duel with Baki?


  • Following his ruthless and easy win over Muhammad Alai Jr., Yujiro is left with no choice but to acknowledge Baki’s powers.
  • Witnessing Baki’s fight, Yujiro comes to the realization that Baki is truly deserving of being stopped. As he finally recognizes his true strength and potential.

However, compared to his father, Baki is clearly depicted as significantly weaker. It is only when his demon back emerges that he demonstrates enough power to actually harm Yujiro.

Who won the fight?

Although Baki ultimately loses the fight against his father, Yujiro says that he can no longer claim to be the strongest man alive, recognizing Baki as his equal and worthy opponent.

Can Baki finally beat Yujiro in Season 2?

Throughout the series, Baki undergoes a significant transformation. Initially, he was an arrogant young boy who believed he was superior to everyone else. Then, he matures into a young man who simply desires to surpass his father and become slightly stronger than him.

Netflix Baki Hanma Season 2 Release date 2023
Image Courtesy of Netflix
  • During the Great Raitai Tournament, Baki, along with others from the Japan/America team, effortlessly defeated their opponents.
  • In less than two minutes, Baki not only defeated but almost killed Muhammad Alai Jr.

Moreover, he is significantly stronger than Yujiro at the same age. It is highly probable that Baki’s strength is progressing at a faster rate than Yujiro’s, and it may not be long before he surpasses Yujiro to become the strongest character in the series.


That’s everything to know about whether Baki can beat Yujiro Hanma in The Son of Ogre Season 2. What do you think about it? Do let us know in the comments down below.


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