Halloween is a perfect opportunity and mood to bring out some thematic anime films. There are many ways you can approach and enjoy your watch session when it comes. If you still haven’t decided on one, you can check this list of the best anime films to watch.

7. Aragne: Sign of Vermillion

Aragne is a film to watch for anyone who wants a good scare this Halloween. It follows the story of a university student who finds herself moving into a mysterious apartment. She finds herself in a journey filled with monsters and many questions. While this isn’t necessarily the best film out there, those who want to watch something new may want to check this out.

6. Karura Mau

It wouldn’t be a Halloween list without an older film that you may not have heard of before. Karura Mau is an example of classic horror in anime that you’d want to watch. It follows the story of two sisters who also work as exorcists. The story takes inspiration from Japanese lore, and it’s also something for those who want some gore on their Halloween night.

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5. Seoul Station

This Korean anime film is the prequel to the highly successful Train to Busan. It tells the story of people stuck in downtown Seoul, trying to find a way to escape the zombie apocalypse. The main story revolves around a father trying to find his daughter amidst the infected city. Fans of zombie films will enjoy this one for Halloween night, and you can also branch out and watch Train to Busan again if you haven’t already.

4. Vampire Hunter D

Vampire Hunter D is a classic adapted from a series of successful novels by Hideyuki Kikuchi. The story is about a woman who hires protagonist D to prevent her from transforming into a vampire. The film has a lot of scenes that horror fans would love. It would lead to a sequel following the titular hunter.

3. Gyo

Gyo tells the story of a girl from Tokyo who finds herself stranded in Okinawa with her boyfriend. After losing contact with him, she discovers that a horde of walking fish has taken over the city. Those looking for a bizarre sci-fi-style horror may be in for a treat. Being chased after a white shark in the streets of Okinawa is memorable.

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2. Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

Bloodlust is the best among the two films following the titular protagonist. Many praised the sequel’s visuals along with its faithful adaptation of the source material. The second part follows D as he tries to save a human captive from a vampire. You shouldn’t miss out on this, especially if you’ve already watched the original.

1. Spirited Away

Spirited Away is a Studio Ghibli masterpiece. While it does evoke meaningful messages with the story, people forget that there are horror elements to it. There’s a lot of imagery here that can be disturbing or uncomfortable. There’s always an eerie background score, and the unusual events that affect the main protagonist.

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