Black Clover Movie 2023 compared in relation to One Piece and Naruto movies

Ever since the beginning, the obsession with the Wizard King in Black Clover has been a revolving theme. With that, fans have speculated that the upcoming Black Clover Movie 2023 will definitely include hints into the former Wizard King’s history.

How much of the former Wizard Kings will we see in the movie?

is Black Clover Movie canon
The Wizard King in the right, image taken from Black Clover Wiki By
  • The primary objective of this article is to find just how much of the former Wizard Kings will we see in the upcoming Black Clover movie.
  • And how much of that will be canon? Because that’s one of the primary things the followers of the franchise’s plot are looking forward to.

To analyze that, I would like to first draw how Black Clover follows other similar Shonen stories. And build upon what these ‘other stories’ did in terms of movie-making and plot elements revolving around a typical character. And in this context, the Wizard King to be more precise. 

  • The Trailer Breakdown

  • The trailer hints at us that the Black Clover Movie in 2023 will focus on Asta, Yami, Yuno Grinberryall and Julius Novachrono. And if the trailer is any right, these heroes may be fighting against the former Wizard Kings.
  • The antagonist looks to us to be Conrad Leto, whom Julios Novachrono replaced when becoming the Wizard King.

Movie vs Series: A Comparison Black Clover Movie

Noel in the Black Clover Anime, Courtesy of comingsoon.netBlack Clover, ever since its run has appealed to me as an imitation of the big three shonen. There are elements of Naruto, One Piece, and Bleach all put together.

  • Not that it’s a deflecting factor, because truth be told even if some generic stories are retold again and again, they do not get boring.
  • Partly why this is so is because the theme of the stories, the character growth from zero to hero, will appeal to the human psyche for all time to come. Although this should be no excuse for artistic works to imitate the predecessor right down to the bone.

Is there similarities from the Big 3 Shonen?

Asta in Black Clover
Image courtesy of Sportskeeda
  1. Yuta and Asta’s journeys have been quite frantically similar to Sasuke and Naruto’s. There’s this egoistic smug in Yuta’s face and Naruto-like zero-ness residing in Asta. And the Wizard King (Pirate King in One Piece) trope has not been unfamiliar to the larger masses.
  2. But throughout the series, we have not been introduced to the former Wizard King. Although the same cannot be said for the current one. This has left fans hanging, wanting to know more of the world’s history. And especially that of the history of the former Wizard Kings of the Clover Kingdom. 

The new film, exactly promises to fill fans up on this part. Will the new film, which is named Black Clover: Sword of The Wizard King leads us to good revelations?

Black Clover vs One Piece Red Expectations

suzume no tojimari steals one piece reds spot
via the Official Twitter of One Piece Film Red

Now, the answer can be compared with a similar movie that was very well received globally. One Piece Film Red – where people were expecting to see more of Red Haired Shanks. Something along the same lines of people wanting to know about the former Wizard King.

Why Film Red was not canon

One Piece Film: Red Uta and Luffy
One Piece Film: Red Uta and Luffy, courtesy of Luffy Smile Youtube channel)
  • One Piece Film Red did not show much of Shanks in pure strength terms. The best we got from him was showoff with the navy admiral. And one kick. That’s about it. But what it did shine light upon, was his history with the kingdom of Elegia and Uta.

So no, we did not get much of Shanks. Whatever plot we got, was still not canon. It was a plot gap that the movie writers explored. A plot with the kingdom of Elegia will have no effect on Oda’s writing of the One Piece Story in the future altogether.

Moviemakers just cannot make a canon film for a series like One Piece. Not without the author himself permitting it. There are almost no movies or episodes (canon or otherwise) that show Gold D. Rogers much other than usual snippets.

  • An example of Naruto Movies

Similar things have been done in Naruto movies. For example, Naruto’s 6th Movie explored an alternate reality where Naruto’s parents are still alive. That gave fans a very dear fan service that they did not otherwise expect.

Is Black Clover Movie canon?

And for all intents and purposes, Black Clover movie is by no means canon. Hell, it took Naruto almost 10+ movies (both Naruto and Naruto Shippuden) to get into the canon department.

The first canon is Naruto The Last (7th movie). The larger point of this argument is that the shonen franchises are not known for showing their pivotal characters very freely.

Mangaka Yuki Tabata’s comments seem to make it clear that the movie is set to be an anime original.

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