Bleach TYBW final episode reviews

After the airing of Bleach TYBW anime’s final episode, the anime takes back its No. 1 spot in It currently holds the #1 spot on MAL’s Top Anime Airing Chart with a 9.22 rating, while the all-time FMAB sits at the #2 spot with a 9.11 rating. Even though the anime topped the charts right away when the first episode released, the conclusion didn’t disappoint either.

Studio Pierrot did an amazing job, as expected for a series that has returned after 10 years of Hiatus. As a result, the dedicated fanbase has given 9-star or higher reviews following every episode’s premiere. Let’s have a look at how it all with its first banger episode and how Bleach TYBW anime finale broke the internet.

Full Metal Alchemist fans had a new enemy to face 

Bleach TYBW broke the internet
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On October 10, 2022, the first episode of Bleach TYBW convinced all anime fans to leave a perfect score on all ranking websites. The episode titled “The Blood Warfare” is rated 9.6/10 on IMDb. And on MyAnimeList, it already dethroned Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood from the top spot. Bleach fans were incredibly excited to see their favorite anime finally getting the respect they feel it deserves.

  • We all are aware of how FMAB’s fanbase is known for its hot reactions to such turns of events. Usually, it involves trolling/review-bombing a series that has surpassed FMAB on a particular list.
  • This kind of behavior is generally common for FMAB’s frenetic fanbase, with both live-action and anime series alike. Although not all FMAB fans participate in such behavior, there is a huge, online community that does.

For that reason, Bleach fans are expecting the inevitable to happen at some point soon, with just that “online community” being aware of this news.

Studio Pierrot’s efforts paid off

Studio Pierrot has been praised by fans for amazing high-quality animation and flawless soundtracks. And not to mention the gore that was shown this season. The previous seasons of bleach were toned down by a lot and there was a lot of censoring. This was understandable considering the target demographic.

However this time, the anime had a bigger mature audience to face, which ended up being even more enjoyable for normal viewers. The gore added more weight and intensity to the fight sequences making them more thrilling.

Tite Kubo went for the win

Tite Kubo (the author) overseed the entire process of production and animation. Anime fans could only anticipate how much better the show will be with the involvement of the writer.

  • We all know that Kubo was in a rush on finishing the manga and hence he wasn’t able to include quite a few fight sequences, but he was working on the production team this time, and he did include some phenomenal fights.
  • He even mentioned in the starting to look out for the Yhwach vs Yamamoto fight, and we all know how it went out.

The second part will arrive next year

Bleach TYBW final epsiode ended with a one-hour special that has made anime fans go wild. Ichigo obtains a new blade while Uryu joined the ranks of the Wandenreich. The second cour will arrive next year on July 2023, so viewers are left for quite some time to binge other shows.

Since the best moments of the manga are still not yet animated, it’s going to be one hell of a ride, so let’s buckle up for that!


  • Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War would cover the final chapters of the series and is planned for four cours, each containing 13 episodes.
  • The first cour began on October 10 and aired on TV Tokyo and its associated networks. Hulu and Disney+ stream the series outside of Japan.

Bleach TYBW anime finale broke the internet, what’s your opinion on that? Share your thoughts in the comments down below!

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