Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Part 3 Announcement, Expected Release Date + Plot


Hours after the electrifying finale of Bleach TYBW 2 hit our screens, fans of the anime were treated to a thrilling announcement. The studio behind the series took to Twitter to confirm that Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Part 3 is officially in the works and slated to grace our screens in early 2024!

With such an epic conclusion to Part 2, it’s no wonder that anticipation for Part 3 is reaching a fever pitch. So, what do we know about this upcoming installment?

Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Part 3 Release Date Prediction: April or May 2024

Though the creators have officially confirmed that Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Part 3 is coming in 2024, they’re keeping the exact release date under wraps.

  • Looking back, Part 1 of Thousand Year Blood War ended in December 2022, and Part 2 premiered in July 2023. That means there was a gap of about 7 months between the two parts. If everything goes smoothly, expect Part 3 to arrive in March or April 2024. But remember, this is just our best guess, and we’ll need to wait for the official announcement of the real date.

Wondering where you can watch it? Well, just like Part 2, you’ll likely be able to stream it on platforms like Hulu and Disney+.

Excitingly, alongside the Part 3 announcement, we got a one-minute preview video that gives us a taste of what’s coming. It’s got fans all hyped up for more epic battles and surprises.

What to expect from Bleach TYBW Part 3 Plot

Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Part 3 announcement
[Image via Studio Pierrot]
This could potentially be the last time we get to see our favorite Soul Reapers and Hollow hunters on our screens unless more of the original novels get adapted.

Part 2 centered on the Soul Society and some unexpected alliances forged in the face of Wandenreich. Over the course of 26 episodes, we witnessed epic confrontations that came at a steep cost, with even the Captains of the Soul Society meeting their match in devastating losses.

Fans experienced the rollercoaster of favorite characters seemingly meeting their end, only to make miraculous returns (in some form). Sacrifices were made in pursuit of unimaginable power, and Uryu Ishida’s shocking betrayal left viewers stunned.

  • So, what’s the plot outlook for Part 3? Well, it’s expected to pick up around chapter 612 of the manga, but with additional anime-only scenes thrown into the mix, it’s a bit tricky to precisely predict the extent of the material that will be covered.
  • Series creator Tite Kubo has confirmed that we’re going to delve much deeper into Captain Jūshirō Ukitake. Fans can look forward to seeing more of the Vizards and the long-awaited return of Yoruichi Shihouin, who’s been notably absent so far.

In essence, prepare for more jaw-dropping battles, visually stunning animation, power-ups that will leave you in awe, and a wealth of lore uncovering the true nature of the Soul Society. You can bet your soul we’ll witness top-notch Soul Reapers striving to reclaim the Soul King Palace from Yhwach.


Bleach TYBW Part 3 is coming our way, and the excitement is through the roof. We’re predicting it’ll likely drop in April or May 2024, but we’ll have to wait for the official announcement to know for sure.

As we eagerly await the next chapter in this epic saga, fans can expect more battles, more surprises, and deeper dives into the mysteries of the Soul Society. Fan-favorite characters are making a return, and a showdown with the formidable Yhwach is on the horizon.

So, stay tuned for updates as we count down to what could be the epic conclusion of Bleach Thousand Year Blood War!

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