Bleach TYBW surpassing FMAB in MyAnimeList is very temporary

MyAnimeList has been one of the greatest companions of the western viewers of the Anime fandom. As such it isn’t uncommon for a certain odd fish to jump out of the blue moon and rank the hierarchy top very fast. We have previously seen multiple anime series and films that have quickly risen to No.1 in the Top Anime section of MyAnimeList. Once again the same comet passes us by, as Bleach Thousand Year Blood War release tops Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood in MyAnimeList’s No 1 Anime. But how long-term is that?

Thousand Year Blood War Release is a hype train

Bleach New Anime
courtesy of Plot Armor’s Youtube Channel

The ending of Bleach in 2012 left fans heartbroken. Yet with the presence of its return that loomed the internet a year ago, Bleach is 2022’s most anticipated Anime return ever.

  • The anime adaptation Bleach Thousand Year Blood War release will tell the story of the Quincy who will return for vengeance after their extermination at the hands of Shinigamis. The soul society will see its very foundations shake when the son of soul king Yhawch tries to destroy the stability of the universe. Yhawch will do so in an attempt to salvage his philosophy that only when the universe tips off will it truly see peace.

This isn’t the first time we have seen a very prodigious villain with high ideals appear (a callback to Pain in Naruto) and this definitely won’t be the last in the Shonen genre. But how Bleach Thousand Year Blood Wars will do depends mainly upon the efforts of its animating Studio Pierrot.

How MyAnimeList ranking matters

Bleach Thousand Year Blood War first episode
Bleach’s Final Anime Season’s first episode (courtesy of the youtube channel Plot Armor)
  • MyAnimeList is a user database. As such it’s the millions of users there that define what is a top Anime and what isn’t.

At first, it may come off as odd and subjective, but when you think about it it’s actually a better way of judging anime. It’s the way of the world that everything hinges on subjectivism. What appeals to you may be unwhooped a*s for me. But when one million people decide that their favorite anime is this, it’s a culture. 

MyAnimeList allows users to create their own anime list and then add the anime that is available in the website’s database. If a new Anime A comes out MAL will immediately feature it. Upon the featuring users can then add the anime to their list, which will increase the anime’s popularity number on the site.

The Rise and Fall of Anime in MAL before the Releases

Bleach TYBW surpasses Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhod in MyAnimeList
A very close up of a untimely old fellow in the Bleach Anime 😉 (courtesy of Studio Pierrot via the official youtube trailer of Bleach TYBW)

For generations, MyAnimeList has seen many anime climb and fall. When Your Name came out it quickly rose to be the number 1 in the Top Anime segment of MyAnimeList. Similar things happened when Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 1 Came out. While only a few anime get the privilege of becoming number 1 and ultimately falling down the pit, a few anime get very highly ranked (but not No.1) only to fall down.

Such examples include Haikyuu, Rascal Does Not Dream of A Bunny Girl Senpai. The most startling of this latter phenomenon is Erased, which got a whopping 9.0 rating by some 200,000 people when it came out only to fall down to some 8 by its end.

How does the ranking in the user database work?

So MyAnimeList categories Anime in two ways.

  • One is a segment for seasonal anime, which is simply a database featuring the current ongoing anime of the season. Right about this time when I am writing this article, you can see Chainsaw Man, Mob Psycho 100 III, Spy x Family Part 2, Boku no Hero Academia season 6 looming.
  • But when you go check out the Top Anime, you will see Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Gintama, Steins Gate, Attack on Titan, Hunter x Hunter, etc. The website stacks anime on the top in the Top Anime section depending upon what number of people have rated the anime. It’s a rating-based categorization.

The Top Anime usually remain stable

Bleach Thousand Year Blood War i
Ichigo as seen in the official trailer via Studio Pierrot

The Top Anime section usually remains stable. For example, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood which has remained the undisputed number 1 for the last decade has only been overtaken a few times. As mentioned earlier, Your Name did it previously. But if one observes the trends, anime rise and fall quickly without staying Number 1 for long. Ultimately it’s always FMAB that retains No 1 for the majority. Here’s why –

A Battle of Numbers and Ratings

The MAL databases first check the ratings. If 10 out of 12 people have rated a show 9/10, it is a high-ranking anime. The second thing to look out for is the number of people. If 10 out of 12 people ranked one anime 9, but 48 out of 50 people ranked one Anime 8.5/10, this latter one will rank higher. But here’s the catch – the ratings slightly have an advantage over the numbers.

The Series surpasses Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Bleach New Anime
Snapped from

For example – Pierrot’s Bleach’s Thousand Years Blood War Release came in only the first episode. The number of people who have identified with it is about 200,000. They do it by adding the show to their anime list. If it’s an upcoming anime, they put it on their upcoming segment in their anime list.

Now the hype of Bleach after it ambiguously ended in 2012 is such that people have gone haywire over it. This also happened with Shingeki no Kyojin season 4. The fan base explodes and the majority of the 200,000 people who have added the anime to their own anime list rate it some 8-9.

  • Why Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is the undisputed supreme
Edward Elric FMAB
courtesy of Devinart, artist credits in the picture itself.

Now here’s the deal, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood has about 2,992,286 members who have it on their anime list. For FMAB to reign as the undisputed number 1, it means that out of the 2 million people who identify with it a majority has approved it as an anime of 9 and above.

  • Death Note and Attack on Titan on the other hand in the MAL database have higher number counts, ranging above 3.5 million people. But the number of people ranking it above 8 or 9 is less.
  • The average rating of FMAB is 9.13, while Death Note and Attack on Titan stand at 8.6 and 8.5 respectively.
Bleach Thousand Year Blood Wars surpasses FMAB in MyAnimeList
Yhawch as seen in the end of the first episode, (courtesy of the youtube channel Plot Armor)

The more one anime grows in number the more difficult it becomes to retain ranking. If only ten people watch an anime, it is likely that all ten may love it. If a million people watch it, there are bound to be some ten thousand who may have hated it. As such for an anime to retain an average of 9.13 score (FMAB) despite having over 2 million people associating with it is a phenomenal marking.

In contrast, the anime Bleach Thousand Year Blood War release only has 200k people associating with it. And that also with only one episode out, do not consider it anything more than a hype train that will subdue over time. Perhaps after 30 episodes are out of Bleach TYBW we can possibly start predicting how well it will do as a people’s favorite.

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