Blue Lock has been going strong. Blue Lock Anime Episode 14 witnessed Isagi and Nagi’s desperate attempts at staying in the game and not losing. But, to beat Shouei Barou And Naruhaya, Isagi may need to develop or evolve his weapon. But, why did Barou choose Naruhaya as his teammate?

What’s been happening in Blue Lock Anime so far

Blue Lock Anime Episode 15
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Now here’s the thing, in the previous matches we saw Nagi and Isagi losing Bachira after attempting to challenge the Blue Lock’s top three players. With what seemed to be a tight match, Rin Itoshi’s genius defeated Isagi through and through.

With that set, Nagi and Isagi are in a spot. And Naruhaya, who was Isagi’s former teammate in the first elimination as an 11-man complete team, is pitted with Barou Shouei.

Why Barou chose Naruhaya

Now few things can be cleared. The reason why someone with the caliber of Barou even teamed up with the likes of Naruhaya, is because of how indifferent Barou is.

  1. Firstly, he couldn’t care if his teammate was Rin or any of the top three. The king has a unique playstyle. He only plays for himself.
  2. Although one could say that almost everyone in Blue Lock is a true egoist, Barou is an egoist that’s completely lost in himself. So much so, that it actually hampers his play in the field.

Why Barou and Nagi are in similar spots

Disclaimer: the above video is a manga spoiler that explains in depth Barou and his character. This will spoil you with Manga chapters that should be animated in the next 5-6 episodes.

What Barou ends up doing is that he passes to no one. He is a wild bull that will not listen to anyone at all. He will score goals completely by himself. The way he has grown up, Barou will go all hell loose. To make sure he can keep up with his king-like demeanor, Barou has built up his body in such a manner too.

All Barou wishes to do at this point is score and win. He can hardly care about anything. Although he does care about not losing. That answers why Barou chose Naruhaya.

Blue Lock Anime Episode 15 will contest Isagi vs Naruhaya

Blue Lock Why did Barou Choose Naruhaya
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  1. What this does is that both Nagi and Barou are on a similar footing. Although both’s personalities are different. What I mean is that if either of the team loses, Nagi and Barou will not be the ones leaving.
  2. Ultimately, both Isagi and Naruhaya know that if they lose, the other team will not pick them. That’s why the battle is actually an Isagi vs Naruhaya moment.

Isagi must devour his old ego, and be reborn to defeat Naruhaya

Now to defeat Naruhaya, Isagi must become better than he was. As it stands, Naruhaya is also capable of reading things and using Barou to a decent extent. Of course, if he qualified for the first solo round of the second elimination, it’s only natural that he’d not be easy to deal with. As such, what Isagi must now do is evolve his weapon beyond what it was.

The one to win this match then must be someone in Blue Lock who is capable of devouring their own self. To kill their ego, and be reborn. And hence in doing that, they must also devour that other person. That is why Blue Lock Anime Episode 15 is named Devour.

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