The world of Blue Lock by Muneyuki Kaneshiro is that of finding the egoist that lies underneath all aspiring to be strikers. Appearing in the Blue Lock Anime recently after the protagonist moved to the second trial, is Itoshi Rin. Who is this seemingly genius striker?

What’s Blue Lock about?

Itoshi Rin in Blue Lock Anime Episode 11
Itoshi Rin in Blue Lock Anime Episode 11, image courtesy of Netflix
  • The fictional world of Blue Lock imagines is based upon a project by the Japanese government that aims to bring Japan to the World Cup. The Blue Lock project, led by Ego Jinpachi garners the most talented high school football players.
  • But awaiting these young rising players is a condition: if you accept Blue Lock, you must clear it. Any player who fails in the project will forever lose their chance ever to join the Japanese national team.

Blue Lock: Who is Itoshi Rin?

Itoshi Rin was introduced fairly recently in the Blue Lock Anime. His appeared once the first selection concluded, in Blue Lock Anime Episode 11. The revelations made by Ego in that were stellar. It turned out that their block which contained 25 teams, was all there was to the entirety of Blue Lock.

  • Following this, the second selection was announced. Itoshi Rin comes in with a stylish penalty kick in the waiting room. Soon after he sends one ball flying, and he sends another flying oppositely spinning to the earlier ball.
  • The first selection selectees watch with awe as the two balls collide and stop each other’s acceleration. Falling into the ground – is how Itoshi Rin does his mic drop and gets jaws falling.

The history of Blue Lock’s no 1 striker

Itoshi Rin is the younger brother of Itoshi Sae. If you’ve noticed, Sae appeared in an earlier episode where he was apparently very bored with his own nation.

Itoshi Sae, booming with arrogance and egoism, seems the announcement of the Blue Lock project. It immediately grabs his attention. Yes, that egoist is Itoshi Rin’s older brother.

Similarities with Sasuke Uchiha

Sasuke Uchiha and Itachi
Image courtesy of Narutopedia
  • In what seems to be a common shonen trope, one can say that Itoshi Rin is Sasuke Uchiha.
    • Very adamantly, Rin announces throughout the series his goal of crushing his brother. From this, one can pretty much guess that what drives Rin’s play is an immense desire to crush his brother.
  • Sasuke Uchiha also has a vengeance against his brother, Itachi Uchiha. In fact, the entirety of Sasuke’s character growth has been about extracting revenge on his brother.
    • Although Rin doesn’t want to directly put revenge as the defining goal, his objective still remains that of crushing his brother.

Rin’s desire to crush his brother comes from a particular day in his past, in which his brother completely discarded him. Similar to what Itachi did to Sasuke.

Itoshi Rin specializations as a football player

Blue Lock and Naruto
Image courtesy of reddit user u/Physical-Pay9140

As such, without spoiling you much, we will tell you that Itoshi Rin has a dramatic playstyle. He is almost maxed out in all stats – be in spatial awareness, flexibility, dexterity, endurance, stamina, core strength, kicks, dribbling, direct shot, pass, you name it.

And he has this way of controlling everyone in the field, something similar to what Isagi Yoichi is now trying to achieve.


Itoshi Rin in his flow state
Itoshi Rin in his flow state, image obtained through pinterest, courtesy of Viz Media

Itoshi Rin has a way of destroying players chaotically. This side of him only unleashes when he’s in a flow state, something that will be explored as the manga continues. He’s also apparently one who can only be controlled by Isagi, as the story turns its way.

The story revolves around protagonist Isagi Yoichi. Who discovers through his endeavors in the Blue Lock project that his special abilities are that of spatial awareness.

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