Boruto Anime horrible Animations made Naruto a Goblin: Why it happens explained

The depiction of Naruto’s face in Boruto episode 287 was so bizarre that it caused a stir among fans on Twitter. Dubbed the “Naruto goblin face” by some viewers, the animation style of the popular anime series has become a hot topic of discussion. But why did such a mishap happen?

The world has felt betrayed by how the Boruto Anime has decided to go forward. Ever since the very beginning, the anime has easily been granted the boon (curse) of being the franchise’s black sheep. Although as if to only perpetuate it further, we see the latest Bad Boruto Animation making things hilarious for Naruto. 

Does the Naruto Goblin animation screw-up continue even in Boruto Episode 288?

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It is to be noted that Boruto Episode 287 came out on February 12th. The recent episode came out on the 19th. As such, Boruto Episode 288 has recovered quite decently from the previous episode’s screw-up.

While some fans expressed their disappointment with the recent portrayal of the Seventh Hokage, others enjoyed the marriage of memes that ensued soon afterward. Making light of the unusual animation once again.

What exactly ensued in Boruto Episode 287? What is Naruto Goblin’s face?

Following the release of Boruto episode 287, memes of Naruto’s goblin face have flooded Twitter. Despite fans expecting a tighter leash on the animation quality after the manga adaptation, the low-quality animation of Naruto has left some great animations behind, such as Eida’s character design.

Along with the studio’s criticism for their poor job at animating, fans have made jokes about the latest picture of the Seventh Hokage in the episode, speculating that it could be a hint at Boruto’s goblin arc.

Additionally, some fans have even compared Naruto’s Goblin mode with Goku’s Ultra Instinct, suggesting it could provide a formidable challenge.

Why did the Naruto Goblin Face mishap happen in Boruto Episode 287?

Boruto Episode 287
Image courtesy of Twitter user @MangaAlerts

This is all conjoined by similar things that happened way back in the Anime industry. When Dragonball Super originally came out and the animators did a goblin job (using it as a cuss) of animating Goku’s fight against Beerus. This was when Goku went all Super Saiyan 3 against the God of Destruction.

The mishaps by Key Animators and Assistant Animators

  • As such it feels viable that such mishaps are not that uncommon within the anime industry. The reason why this happens has to do with key animators and follow-up animators.
  • The key animators design the primary frame of a particular scene. The follow-ups only fill in the details depending upon that. Anime that have a regular release is often driven by a hectic schedule. Rendering animations haphazardly is not that uncommon.

Although there are no official confirmations from the official studio, this above is about why such mistakes happen. This fault is perpetuated by a suffering labor industry in Japan. Where Animators are paid less and overworked due to labor shortages. Such heavy outage naturally leads to foiled work.


Boruto Anime Animation Naruto Goblin Face
Image via Twitter user @WhiteFa93244417

Since resuming the adaptation of the Boruto manga, the anime has received praise for its storytelling. The current arc being depicted is the Code arc, and while the animation has generally been satisfactory, a few significant mistakes in crucial moments have overshadowed the studio’s impressive work.

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