Boruto Chapter 81: How is the Boruto Timeskip different from Naruto’s Timeskip?

Boruto Chapter 81 How is Boruto's TImeskip different from Naruto's Timeskip

The upcoming timeskip in Boruto will usher in a new era for the series, much like the original Naruto timeskip did back in Part II. However, while both timeskips signify a major shift in their respective stories, there are key differences in their themes, settings, and tones. How is the Boruto Timeskip different from Naruto’s Timeskip? Let’s find out.

Nature of the Timeskip

In Naruto, the timeskip allowed the characters, especially Naruto, to train and mature after failing to stop Sasuke from defecting. When Naruto returns to the Leaf after his two-year training journey in Shippuden, the tone shifts toward his development as a shinobi alongside the inception of the overarching Akatsuki plot.

  • The theme focuses on perseverance as Naruto seeks to save Sasuke despite the ever-growing challenges.
  • The setting also expands beyond the Leaf to capture the brewing dangers in the ninja world.
  • In contrast, the Boruto timeskip Two Blue Vortex seems poised to explore darker, more solemn themes.
  • The destruction of Konoha teased in the flash-forward provides a bleak backdrop, while Boruto’s status as a rogue ninja evokes a grave, dramatic tone.
  • His previewed fight against Kawaki over the fate of the shinobi promises high-stakes action, but also emotional weight in Boruto battling someone he once considered a brother.

Two Blue Vortex

Boruto, Sarada and Kawaki's character designs from Chapter 81 leaks
[Image belongs to Shueisha]

The dueling karma seals between Boruto and Kawaki also open up a unique theme about destiny and how much control one has over it, which plays right in tandem with the swapped lives of Boruto and Kawaki. Overall, the tone will likely be more somber than Naruto’s timeskip due to the state of the ninja world.

  • Whereas Naruto’s timeskip signified leaving home to train extensively with Jiraiya across the world, expanding the geographic scope, Boruto’s timeskip training has been more focused on isolated instruction under Sasuke Uchiha.
  • Details are scarce, but it can be presumed their training has been rigorous, allowing Boruto to harness his Karma seal and learn new abilities to contend with the escalating threats emerging.
  • Based on what little we’ve seen from the spoilers, Boruto’s training with Sasuke hasn’t been for naught.

Character Development

In terms of characters, both series use the timeskips to mature their protagonists into more capable, driven heroes.

  • But whereas Naruto returned home still needing to prove himself, Boruto’s circumstances have already forced him down a lonelier path of isolation and struggle.
  • He starts in a position of weakness, hunted by the village he aims to prove his loyalty to.
  • However, given that Sasuke himself is no stranger to the life of a rogue ninja, he must’ve prepared Boruto for all the different kinds of scenarios that await him.


Boruto Chapter 81 leaked ahead of release
[Image belongs to Shueisha]

Ultimately, the two timeskips serve the same narrative purpose of transitioning the young protagonists into greater warriors. But the darker, more ominous themes and tones in Boruto’s post-timeskip quest to clear his name provide a point of contrast from Naruto’s traditional hero’s journey to bring Sasuke back. The time will come when Boruto steps out of the shadows and into the light on his road to restoring his honor when Boruto Two Blue Vortex returns.

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