Ever since the dawn of Boruto Anime, fans have been moved by the opening scene. Which features an enigmatic Boruto with special effects applied on his Eyes, and complimentary make-up fighting against a smug-faced Kawaki. The age-old debate, about when, will Kawaki kill Naruto. has come to an unseen twist in Boruto chapter 77.

What’s the Boruto debate regarding Kawaki killing Naruto about?

When the series began with Kawaki telling Boruto that “I will send you to the same place I sent the 7th Hokage.” People naturally assumed that this new character would go on to kill Naruto.

I mean, with what people had, this was the only possible speculation. But few brave shoulders said Tatakae, and observed that the line in itself was not indicative of the full content.

Well indeed, it seems these few brave bearers of society’s prediction were right. The innate predicament of losing Naruto may still be a forlorn reality. Although that’s not entirely impossible given the context. 

What happened in Boruto Chapter 77?

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So what exactly happened in Boruto Chapter 77? Simply put, Kawaki sent Naruto and Hinata into a warped reality.

Kawaki has been suspecting that Momoshiki still lingers in Boruto’s body. Everything happening recently hinted that the villagers will turn against Kawaki. But in what seems to be one of the biggest u-turns in plot telling, it seems Kawaki does not kill Naruto.

Why Naruto is an obstacle in defeating Boruto for Kawaki

Boruto Chapter 77
Kawaki suspects Boruto. image courtesy of Viz Media

Kawaki knows that it is not easy for Naruto to see his own son die, again. Momoshiki’s involvement with Boruto has been one of the least wanted things for Naruto. With how Kawaki took the enigmatic decision, it may as well be alright to say this will put Kawaki in the villain’s seat.

Despite not harboring absolutely ill intentions. His thirst for eliminating the Otutsuki is something on par with Sasuke wanting revenge against his brother initially.

Boruto Chapter 77 focuses on Kawaki asking Momoshiki residing within Boruto (which he assumes) to come out. Boruto, appalled and not knowing how to respond, look at Shikamaru who tries to calm Kawaki down.

Unhinged, Kawaki realizes that with Naruto in the play, it would be difficult to eliminate Momoshiki. Because seeing his own son potentially hurt, would incite the event Hokage into action.

Kawaki takes extreme measures to seal Naruto away

Does Kawaki Kill Naruto
Boruto Chapter 77, Kawaki warping Naruto in his dimension, image courtesy of Viz Media

In Boruto Chapter 77, Kawaki visits Naruto at his home. Telling him that he shall eliminate every remaining member of the Otutsuki clan, which also includes Boruto. Hinata rage-slaps him and calls him crazy.

Despite this, Kawaki remains again, unhinged. He told them how he did not expect them to understand.


Behind Kawaki’s obsessive movements, is his obsession to protect Naruto Uzumaki. But given how the 7th is, he tells Kawaki that before he reaches Boruto, the karma user must fight the world’s hero himself. But, Kawaki will not fight Naruto, of course. The former opens up a portal using his karma and warps Naruto and Hinata to another dimension.

It seems, the opening scene in which Kawaki iterates Boruto about sending him to the same place as his father, was referring to this dimension.

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