Boruto: Top 5 most overpowered dojutsu after chapter 80 (anime + manga)

Most Powerful Dojutsu in Boruto

The spoilers and raw scans for chapter 80 of Boruto were released online on April 18 causing excitement among fans. Although this chapter can be the last before the time gap and the manga is supposed to resume in August 2023. Several dojutsu were introduced in Boruto, and the abilities of some are yet to be explored.

Dojutsu refers to the ninja techniques that utilize unique Kekkei Genkai or Kekkei Mora abilities through the user’s eyes, commonly known as Visual Jutsu. In the Boruto series, numerous dojutsu abilities have been introduced. So keep reading this article to know which comes out as the greatest among them.

Disclaimer: This article is subjective and based on the writer’s personal opinions.

Most overpowered dojutsu in Boruto so far

5) Momoshiki’s Dojutsu

Momoshiki battling against Naruto and Sasuke
Momoshiki using his Rinnegan (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Momoshiki had the Byakugan in both eyes as well as he had the Rinnegan in the palms of his hands. Momoshiki’s Byakugan gave him extraordinary powers such as telescopic vision, x-ray vision, and 360° perception. He could see the chakra pathway system as well as chakra points. In addition to this, he could read the fate of other people except his own.

Momoshiko had Rinnegan on the palms of his hands. It allowed him to unleash countless techniques. With his right Rinnegan, he could absorb any chakra-based technique and release the amplified power through his left one.

With his left Rinnegan, he could turn his targets into pills. Consuming these pills granted him extended youth, along with chakra, and boost his muscles. Momoshiki’s Rinnegan was red in color originally. They turned yellow after he absorbed Kinshiki and he gained an additional Rinnegan on his forehead.

4) Boruto’s Jougen

Boruto with awakened Jougen
Boruto with his awakened dojutsu, Jougen (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Boruto’s Jougen has been declared as a troublesome dojutsu. Boruto lacks control over his ability and it gets activated involuntarily. Although its abilities are still yet to be discovered it is recognized as an extremely potent eye technique, exclusive to the Otutsuki clan.

Boruto’s Jougan is able to see through the chakra in the body and perceive its pathways. It can see through barriers, identify negative energies, and connect to different realms. The Jougan can also detect danger and Boruto is able to figure out the portals used by the Otsutsuki clan.

Boruto’s Jougan eye was activated unknowingly and he was unable to control it. The eye would appear on its own whenever Boruto faced a threat. According to a belief, Boruto has inherited the Jougen from his parents.

3) Sasuke’s Rinnegan

Sasuke's Rinnegan
Sasuke uses his Rinnegan to fight Momoshiki (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Sasuke had awakened his Rinnegan after receiving Hagoromoro’s chakra in the fourth great ninja war. The Rinnegan is a powerful Dojutsu that enables the user to master any Jutsu and all five basic Nature transformations. It also allows him to decipher any kind of coded messages and it is the only one that can decipher the Sage of Six Paths’ stone tablet.

With Rinnegan, Sasuke can use Space-Time Ninjutsu, allowing him to manipulate space-time. It enables Sasuke to instantly swap the position of any two targets within a specific range. Moreover, he gains immunity to Chakra absorption as well as reverse ninjutsu attacks.

Sasuke can also form protective barriers and protect himself as well as others from the Infinite Tsukuyomi who are inside the barrier. However, in the battle against Isshiki, Sasuke ended up losing his Rinnegan.

2) Isshiki’s Dojutsu

Isshiki's Dojutsu
Isshiki showing his Byakugan and his special dojutsu (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Isshiki’s possessed a Byakugan only in his left eye that allowed him 360° vision. He was also able to view the chakra system and pathways in a body. However, he was not able to see through specific barriers such as Konoha’s underground facility.

Isshiki’s right eye gave him the ability to see the life force of living things in the form of fire-like shadows. He could perform Sukunahikona, a technique that allowed him to shrink non-living targets as well as himself and restore them to their original size. He could use Daikokuten to store the shrunken objects in a pocket dimension and summon them at will.

Isshiki could also summon and manipulate special black rods of various sizes and quantities to impale his enemies with humongous force. He could drain their chakra and disrupt their sensory abilities. His rods were noted for their durability to rival the size of a Tailed Beast and Susanoo.

1) Eida’s Senrigan

Eida's Senrigan
Eida’s dojutsu, Senrigan (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Eida has the ability of Seringan which allows her to project her consciousness anywhere in the present or into the past since her birth. This ability makes her a powerful spy as nothing can be hidden from her.

Eida also possesses the power to make anyone fall in love with her. This will make her powerful support as no one would kill their beloved. The only exception to the ability to spy anywhere at any time is that she cannot spy on the blood relatives of Otsutsuki. 

Amado transplanted the DNA of Shibai Otsutsuki into Eida’s body and thus she was able to manifest Senrigan. Although Senringan is not offensive, it is a top-tier ability that can change the scene entirely to Eida’s advantage, making her an overpowered character.

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