There’s a certain glitter to gold that has been polished for ages. Certain aromas of wine that age with time. The same aroma and glitter (this one literally) may have swept into the latest iteration of Slam Dunk Manga’s anime adaptation. The First Slam Dunk movie is a new take, for it is entirely computer animated. The film’s theatrical release did not disappoint, but could you watch The First Slam Dunk online for free? 

The legacy of The First Slam Dunk based on Takehiko Inoue

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Slam Dunk is notably what is known as the OGs of all modern anime. It was there along with the likes of Dragonball Z, Pokemon, and One Piece garnering views from the western part of the globe.

  1. The Japanese Sports Manga is one of the first of its kind. Written and illustrated by mangaka Takehiko Inoue, Slam Dunk was serialized in Shueisha’s shonen manga weekly magazine – the Weekly Shonen Jump.
  2. That was back in 1990 and ran til 1996. The manga’s popularity led to the development of the anime adaptation by TOEI Animation. The anime ran from 1993 to 1996, revolutionizing and etching at the same time the idea of an animated sports series into the hearts of many. Today they are dads and on their way to becoming the next-gen boomers.

Can you watch ‘The First Slam Dunk’ online for free?

Produced by Studio MAPPA, the rights of the films have not yet been released. The film has only found its theatrical release so far and has been quite a hit. The question of where to watch The First Slam Dunk is bogged by the reply that it currently isn’t available for streaming. Unless of course, you want to try the good old piracy, which is something we neither (and can’t) endorse nor encourage.

How are theatrical films released digitally over time?

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  1. But the way it usually goes is that after a certain period of time, the theatrical success has run its fill. Then it no longer becomes a business strategic downfall for producers to release on streaming platforms.
  2. Usually, the first ones to acquire such hit anime films are Funimation. Following suit is often Crunchyroll and Netflix. Amazon Prime is also there, apparently. Hulu is again, so-so.

But the first line of an acquisition usually happens to Crunchyroll or Funimation. Both these streaming and producing giants acquire the rights for digital distribution of the film. 

How long will you have to wait before you can watch The First Slam Dunk?

Since it’s theatrical release, The First Slam Dunk has gathered over ¥4.189 billion. It’s been almost 20 days since it hit the cinema theatres. At this point, it’s greedy to ask to watch this film for free.

  • But in the off-put chance (which is close to neigh and zero) that some magical carriers of angels buy the films’ right and distribute it digitally, we will let you know.
  • The closest contender we get for such an altruistic task is Muse Asia. It is a Taiwanese company operating predominantly in Asia. But for a film of this caliber, it is highly unlikely producers will go on about digital distribution any time soon.

But here’s our estimation – one would have to wait at least six months before the film is digitally distributed.


Curious why we are writing this article? Well, it’s to inform you lots that you cannot watch it for free yet. If you want to watch it pirated, you can always do your own dark bidding on google and Reddit, not that we recommend it.

But on the first chance that it is released for digital distribution, you may bookmark this post as to return to this again. And we will be updating you with the latest means to watch The First Slam Dunk online for free!

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