Chainsaw Man Author’s Twitter banned? Chainsaw Man series is one of the most famous anime that is currently airing. Tatsuki Fujimoto, the creator of the manga, has been actively promoting his anime on Twitter. But due to his silly act of being Koharu Nagayama, Twitter banned him.

As Tatsuki Fujimoto impersonates a fake elementary-school student and gives opinions on the latest Chainsaw Man episodes. Twitter seemed to have banned his account, due to the age restrictions of the platform.

What is the reason for his account suspension?

In a recent notice, we get to hear that Tatsuki Fujimoto, became a trend after it was confirmed that in his official Twitter account he pretends to be his fictitious younger sister named “Koharu Nagayama“.

  • This identity is completely invented, and no one knows why the writer did this. Although in each Chainsaw Man episode, she “comes out of cosplay” and gives live critiques explaining points and interest and more.
  • Fujimoto even came to the extent that he matched his birthday with a (presumably underage) elementary student.

But well, the joke didn’t last long. When fans started searching his account to see his recent posts, they found out that Twitter had disabled his account.

chainsawm an editor reveals about author's twitter ban as koharu nagayama
Fujimoto’s account being disabled – via DatosJam

Editor of Chainsaw Man reveals about the author’s ban

Just as the fans were theorizing about this ban, Chainsaw Man editor, Lin Shihei, shared an update, revealing that Fujimoto’s account has been banned due to age restrictions rules on the platform.

The above tweet roughly translates as:

“I have been informed that the account of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s younger sister, Koharu-chan, has been deactivated due to problems with her registered age. Her brother, the author, has already contacted Twitter to resolve the situation. Ladies and gentlemen, we’d appreciate it if you can wait for her sister’s return to Twitter. Thank you very much.”

Well, this isn’t the first time famous celebrity accounts have been banned due to age restrictions. Previously, Hatsune Miku‘s account was deactivated after the development team changed the date of birth on the profile, making her a minor.

Will the author be able to recover his Twitter account?

chainsaw man author's twitter banned
courtesy of Anime Galaxy Official

Before the account was disabled. Koharu Nagayama‘s profile description was “I’m Koharu Nagyama, a third-grade student in elementary school. I created this Twitter account in a class. I like Fire Punch and Chainsaw Man. Nice to meet you”

  • In Japan, youngsters at 8 years old or 9 are 3rd-grade students in elementary school.
  • Twitter’s official website states that the service “requires people using the service to be 13 years of age or older.” If you don’t meet that, your account will be disabled.

Fujimoto may get his account back if he is able to explain the situation well. But the age he set is surely too young to negotiate.

Was it somewhere Twitter’s fault?

Elon Musk Twitter Freedom of Speech
courtesy of reuters

Since Elon Musk took over Twitter, the web-based platform has encountered drastic changes. Following the Twitter Blue update, which licenses anybody to get a checkmark in return for a fee. That’s why a few troll accounts began surfacing.

These troll accounts were imitating big names and celebrities. Following this, Twitter executives confronted serious backfire, and a few accounts were banned from the stage.


chainsaw man author's twitter as koharu nagayama
Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video

Update: After the ban of Chainsaw Man author’s Twitter “fictitious account,” Koharu Nagayama. He has decided to open another Twitter account. The new Twitter handle of the Chainsaw Man creator is @ashitaka_eva. The confirmation of the same has been provided by the manga editor.

IMDb depicts the story of Chainsaw Man as:

“Following a betrayal, a young man left for the dead is reborn as a powerful devil-human hybrid after merging with his pet devil and is soon enlisted into an organization dedicated to hunting devils.”

Sources: Official Twitter Account, IMDb

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