Chainsaws and Tits go a long way. No heck they don’t, they are far apart from each other. So much far apart that they are categories of different dimensions altogether. Chainsaws are heinous blood-hinging gore machines for cutting up human meat (I mean wooden trees) while tits, well.

Chainsaw Man Episode 2 premiered yesterday and went a long way to establish moments between Denji and his newly appointed senior Hayakawa. Denji also apparently finds a new motive in his life – to finally touch the finest pair of Anime bewbs, those of Makima.

What is Denji’s dream?

Pochita and Denji Chainsaw Man ANIME
Pochita and Denji, snapped via Crunchyroll

Chainsaw Man Episode 1 introduced us to Denji together with his pet devil Pochita. Although usually, devils tend to be grotesque-looking creatures from hell reigning the grievances of all negativity, Pochita is a tender darling. Devils are the manifestations of people’s fear. As such it is no fret in understanding that the dog-like devil is the physical embodiment of people’s fear of chainsaws.

Pochita was moved by Denji’s dream and wanted to see it blossom

  • But Pochita, as explored in the anime premiere, has always been kind and pet-like. Upon growing up together with Denji throughout the year, Pochita grows very attached to our main character.
  • So much so that it ends up giving its sentient life away to merge with Denji’s heart, resuscitating him back to life after the Zombie Devil killed him. Pochita mentions just prior to giving Denji his life back that Pochita wants to see Denji fulfill his dream.

In Chainsaw Man, Denji’s dream is something very ordinary yet out of reach

Denji’s dream is something very usual. He wants to have good food in his mouth, shelter over his head, clothes to wear and a girl to marry. This isn’t anything out of ordinary for everyone desires these things.

How his past life has affected him

  • After his father committed suicide as a result of failing to pay back the debt money he owed to the Yakuza, Denji had to bear the sins of his father. Which apparently visits sons even through the grave.
  • The Yakuza had asked Denji to whore himself or sell his organs if he has to, something he eventually ends up doing. Denji’s only retreat was the unforeseen company of the chainsaw devil in his cutesy doggie form.
  • Together with Pochita, Denji started chopping up other devils to earn money to pay the Yakuza back.

Chainsaw Man Episode 2: Denji has submitted to his new master, Makima

Denji’s dream comes from a place of lack. Growing up impoverished, he always wanted to eat good food. In Chainsaw Man Episode 2, Denji eats even soggy Udon left over for hours when he fell asleep in Makima’s arms (falling right into her breasts uwu).

Makima becomes a new safe place for Denji

Denji being hugged by Makima
Denji being hugged by Makima, courtesy of Crunchyroll
  • When Makima comes to save Denji, the protagonist seems to find an unlikely dependence on the girl. Makima is extremely beautiful according to Denji. When Makima treats Denji with the countenance of a dog, he at first is taken aback.
  • But when imagining what she is doing for him, paying for his food, giving him a place to stay, and even vaguely flirting with him, the hero is all taken back by her Charisma. During the first half of Chainsaw Man Episode 2, Denji asks Makima what her ‘type’  is. She says her type is someone like ‘Denji’, making him flustered.
  • Even more so when Makima asks if he has trouble eating by himself, the new loyal dog happily says he does although he is quite capable of helping himself chew down the noodles.

The dream of a man who wants to get married

Makima in Chainsaw Man Episode 2
Makima tells Denji that if he works hard they can work together someday. Via Anilog youtube channel

This adds up. In Chainsaw Man Episode 2, after Hayakawa and Denji take care of a fiend, Denji ponders what he wants to do in life. He finally has a place to stay in, a decent roommate. A roof that shelters him, and good food 3 times a day.

The only thing that still hasn’t been fulfilled – something that he couldn’t fulfill previously was only the space of a girl. He comes to this conclusion after finding that despite finally having his dream fulfilled, which Pochita wanted to see as well, something feels horribly empty.

Denji discovered his new goal – to fondle a pair of breasts

Makima in Chainsaw Man Episode 2
Makima allures Denji (snapped via Crunchyroll)

He looks at the porn magazine lying underneath his feed in the room of the very fiend he just murdered. Denji looks at the voluptuous figures of a model line up in the magazine and thinks to himself that it is the time of his life to finally get his hands to feel a pair.

Motivated, he feels that although he couldn’t do this before, he is no longer bound by the same limitations. When thinking of which pair he would want to fondle, he thinks of Makima, his savior.

There’s more to Denji’s dream of fondling Breasts

Power's boobs
Denji looks at Power’s breasts and approves, via Crunchyroll

Now, this comes off as oddly irrelevant. Shonen anime is known for having larger-than-life goals for the protagonist – to save the world, to be a hero, to be the Hokage, to be the pirate king. But to want to fondle a pair of breasts? Really?

  • Unlike our usual shonen protagonists, Denji’s motivations are more relatable to a normal teenager. He isn’t shuddered by some deep sense of vengeance, akin to Hayakawa who mentions that his family was killed by devils (typical Sasuke move).

Denji’s newfound dream to fondle Makima’s breast is an indicator of something more. Of course, the man has immense love for titties. So much so that the only thing validating his recognition of Power as a member of his unit is the fact that she has breasts. Denji as a character is written to look shallow but has innate depth inside of him.

Makima is Denji’s motherly figure – a symbol of a home

Makima Denji in Chainsaw Man
Makima ties Denji in episode 2, courtesy of crunchyroll.

But Makima has more or less become a symbol of hope and dependency, a motherly figure for our protagonist. The theme of master-slave dialectic is something that will keep on appearing a number of times as the Chainsaw Man anime progresses further and further. The story will become richer and richer and more complex as new things are unveiled. Makima’s position for Denji will play a crucial role, all leading to eventual character development. But for now, we hold on. If you want to know where to watch Chainsaw Man, head here.

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