What is Chainsaw Man's Nostradamus Prophecy about?
Official Chainsaw Man Poster [Image via Studio MAPPA]

Chapter 122 of the Chainsaw Man manga finally shed some light on the Nostradamus Prophecy. The topic came into focus when Yoshida, during a date with Fami, brought up the prophecy and explained that Public Safety deemed it a genuine threat.

Yoshida went on to explain that Public Safety devised an experiment to have a group of convicts make contracts with the Future Devil to find out when they would die. Astonishingly, out of the 30 convicts involved, a staggering 23 were given the same chilling revelation—their fates were sealed for July 1999, which coincided with the doomsday day Nostradamus prophecized.

This revelation has obvious implications for the second part of the manga’s plot, though no one can agree on what they are. Could the Nostradamus Prophecy be hinting at a harbinger of an cataclysmic event—something with biblical roots—or is it about a nuclear war?

What Is The Nostradamus Prophecy?

The real Nostradamus Prophecy centers around July 1999, when the arrival of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse—War, Death, Famine, and Pestilence—will signal the end of the world.

In the context of Chainsaw Man, fans have put forward interesting theories on what this prophecy could mean.

One theory suggests that the connections to biblical themes throughout the Chainsaw Man manga lend weight to the idea that a full-blown, Armageddon-style apocalypse is in works.

Although the Four Horsemen in the manga are not necessarily working together, their individual actions could lead to catastrophic plot twists, aligning with the prophecy’s doomsday nature.

Chainsaw Man Nostradamus Prophecy explained:

The Chainsaw Man manga Nostradamus Prophecy explained
Chainsaw Man official artwork [Image via Studio MAPPA]
However, another intriguing theory posed by a Reddit user, @Inky-Sanity, encourages us to look beyond biblical references.

  • The original prophecy mentions a line that reads, “from the sky shall come a great king of terror.” The post suggests that this could be a reference to nuclear weapons and war— an idea that is no less terrifying than the apocalypse.
  • With the second line “to resurrect the great king of the Angoulmois“, the prophecy could be foreshadowing the possibility of Pochita/Denji vomiting the Nuclear War Devil, thus reviving its presence.

This theory is further reinforced by Denji’s ability to swallow and expel objects intact (like he did with a cigarette in the very beginning of the manga). Throughout the manga, Fujimoto has subtly reminded readers of this odd detail, and Denji vomiting a devil in the future could explain why.

Chainsaw Man Nostradamus Prophecy explained
Yoru in chapter 81 of Chainsaw Man manga [Image via Tatsuki Fujimoto]
  • The prophecy’s final line, “Mars shall reign as chance will have it“, speaks of Mars reigning again. Its not unreasonable to connect Yoru with Mars here, given that Mars was the Roman God of War and Yoru is the War Devil.

This further emphasizes her determination to resurrect the Nuclear Devil, which draws parallels between the prophecy and her ambitions.

Whether interpreted through the lens of biblical references or a nuclear war, Chainsaw Man’s version of the Nostradamus Prophecy has made one thing certain—expect the unexpected.

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